Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yey elections

Evenings this one's too upload not about food? Alaa tau tau, is a bit torturous if food entry read. I was two or three times a swallow saliva resistant hungry! Gulp! heheheh. But no matter, still want food jugak post entry.
Ok, this time ... especially for seafood lovers. There sapa-sapa not eat seafood? Serious loss if you do not eat seafood. For you seafood lovers, Chatz Brasserie, PARKROYAL KUALA LUMPUR (CBPR); can I categorize as 'seafood heaven'! foodfellas
Any taknya, in CBPRH have a wide selection of seafood. Of fish, mussels, shrimp, crab. Everything is there! foodfellas With the theme of Best of Malaysia: foodfellas Seafood Buffet Dinner, CBPR serving seafood served fresh. Among the existing station; 1. Grilled Seafood 2. Fried Chilli Crab 3. Japanese Selection 4. 5 Live Tiger Prawns. BBQ Whole Fish 6. Cavery Fish Station
After you are to choose what they eat, give the chef's foodfellas choice tu korang available. Paris hilton is the best. Can see the chef cook our food beb LIVE! You can instantly request to want spicy, less spicy to ... all can!
Says the right dude, I eat this seafood, other than sweetness and freshness of the seafood tu own, is dipping her another kick. Right? foodfellas And do not worry, there are many choices in CBPR dipping. And it all .... thumbs up for me! It felt a kick, the power was out!
pari bakar + tamarind juice. perfecto! foodfellas rojak petis-create yourself. DELICIOUS! Besides seafood, there is also provided other foods. Among them, salad, bread, cottage, dessert, Japanese, and Malaysian food!
Haaaa there is another part most interesting. After you eat seafood all that right, in CBPR is provided a brilliantly fresh juice station. But interestingly this station is going to do you can select what je juice. Win plus how much fruit, my guess he ... how could all! How do I make mango day! + Orange + carrot + markisar.
Oyster ...... Haritu eat oyster, feel like a swallow iron. Very acquired taste la. Reply Delete
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