Monday, August 18, 2014

About Mz.Bard -The Breaker Rules !!

Hi darling beatriz ferrer salat sume..ape ni khabar day? adviser and hubcaps? adviser and je kite and still more are rancak ATKINS diet gara2 dream physique sebelom april mermaid cut later he said hehehe! so takyah jom son wasting time look where plaque restaurant bawak korang kite nak gi ni erk eat today? errr ... because skang ni kite middle faham2 la diet so that it is off the entry kepam..tahun have daaaa..hehehe beatriz ferrer salat citer!
Owh! see lah tumbesaran kite body is increasingly put about !!!! not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tub hubby said "ni clothes that wear off eating b je dah appears Perot" huh! sentap soul kite! wawawa!
When it comes time korang of the happy hour at 5.30pm - 7.30pm korang just need to pay RM23.80 / pax for buffet grill tau hubcap? that over time ni korang taxable pay RM29.80 / pax satisfied that kid's meals and plaque tu come la erk cenggini happy hour time? kinds of kite kekeke!
Earliest period ni kite pegi very la pulak..dalam kul 5 camtu kite up so nak taknak He hit 30 Minit wait for my son to eat nak jugak but pay the price happy hour buffet beatriz ferrer salat tu..hehehe! not stingy know? son jimat..ngeeeeeeeeeee !!!
For knowledge kat korang here Dorang not to majerin to get the kind of oil kat kedai2 another steamboat know? Dorang order to get the chicken fat oil giler tu..hmmm..jimat kot..tapi if rasa2 korang amused guna..korang bawak la nak butter or oil itself from yer house? hehehe!
Heavily influenced by his deep kite with citer korea MY GIRLFRIEND Gumiho tu..sedap giler kot habituate him to eat meat continues to pound kite grill..makanya He amik banyak2..grill eat meat! grill meal! eat until kembong! ha! satisfied new kite! wakakaka! beatriz ferrer salat * Laughter echoed syaiton get a delicious meat-echo * neh! time skang ni ATKINS diet for middle appropriate so la nak eat camni only eat sos takley tu la cause very sweet ..
If korang beatriz ferrer salat look benda2 cenggini He did not kite that makan..ape goods gi eat fried chicken steamboat kheeeenn ??? sume ni hubby terchenta beatriz ferrer salat He is punya..ape steamboat chicken strips + fries ??? nasik haila! beatriz ferrer salat haila!
Ni! ni! Article pound shrimp beatriz ferrer salat ni bertekak material may not know? hahaha! nak maintain domestic shrimp clack masing2 said .. haih! one pound of shrimp hal..hidup beatriz ferrer salat ni kat kat selangor terengganu other rupa..hidup another rowdy male rupa..wat ko ni je chant did not know shrimp ??? !!! huh! unified face hit ko eat!
Pounds of ready cooked food rather many middle pilihan..sape2 diet may je makan..banyak + vegetable side dishes yer? do plaques words amid a wide diet eat sedap2 takley ni kite kat luar..kite hempuk korang with a viper gang!
Soft drinks pound lots of options come jugak..kalau kite kite choice camni place if no herb tea..kite must amik tea..soft ice lemon drink a glass amik tu je kite maybe because like for float..hehehe! not beautiful soft amik banyak2 later Perot kembong beatriz ferrer salat know?
Eskem pedel pop kot! kite craze zaman..sampai scramble along with hubby nak eat ni..padahal many giler eskem in a crate tu ni hah! je love for havoc..makan scramble is super best! kikiki!
For restaurants ni kite buleh for Dorang 4 bintang..makanannya lot and think it is ok la..suasananya reasonable..servicenya sedap..harganya pound comfortable aje kat when eating out tu..ce la gi korang sendiri..pasti try not emptied. .
About Mz.Bard -The Breaker Rules !!
Me ??? Mz.Bard Daniel ... Always Be The Rules Breaker..But Still..Sweet Like Chocolate, Salty Twistiest Like, Like Lime Sour and Spicy Chilies Like, So ... Do not Mess with me! My Simple Rules .. Read..if you like it .. Ignore..if you hate it .. Happy Reading !!! View my complete profile
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