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08/05/2014 het vechthuis

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Vyacheslav Square and Lenka Tarasevich were in organizing the first festival "Basowiszcza" in the early 90s. The festival was held always in the same place - in vrochyshtsy Borik that Polish town, near the border with Belarus. Just next lives Tarasevich, who stayed in the house of the musicians. And the root, and Tarasevich can see at the festival almost every year, but now they are set on the "Basowiszcza" very skeptical.
"This festival has become so degraded and festival for scholars - on the one hand due to the organizers, on the other - due to the participants. The level of both Belarusian and Polish teams to "Basowiszcza" decreased. And now he has become such a small-town festival, het vechthuis which is done by the Belarusian Students' Association - Belarusian surroundings near Bialystok. There's no professional approach, "- said in an interview with the leader of Ulis" ERB "and noted that he refused to cooperate het vechthuis with the current festival organizers. The musician added that he had none of that does not dream of in connection with "Basowiszcza" because "at the festival, there is the same approach, and it will never change."
Supported het vechthuis his colleague and Lenka Tarasevich: "The het vechthuis intellectual level of" Basowiszcza "was performed het vechthuis until U lis. Folk and pop group did not interest me as before, and are not interested het vechthuis in today. Festival involved young people who can not come up with any new forms for "Basowiszcza", and the old was invented 25 years ago! "
This year's festival will take place 25 times. Organizers gradually announce those who will take the stage on July 18-19. Currently there are only three named speakers - "Shop , RUTA and ethno-trio "Trinity."
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Re: Pesnyary": live premiere Sept. 12 (tracklisting and promo video)
His name is Eugene Kuchmeyna, he comes from Ivya writes unusual songs, photographs sewers and plays in a band, the name of which these same hatches and inspired. Written het vechthuis it so as not to Google - ".K." And in this group only plays Eugene. het vechthuis
08/05/2014 het vechthuis
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