Monday, August 4, 2014

The heat has yet to go for a walk this morning. The wind on our faces warm caress to the end of our

The heat has yet to go for a walk this morning. The wind on our faces warm caress to the end of our tours. We attend a conference on the history seafood buffet dallas of Panama. The first steps of Columbus on the discovery seafood buffet dallas of the Isthmus in the fifteenth century. The creation of the first road allows minors to go to the gold rush in California. And the creation of the first railway line and finally this construction has the foundation of the Panama Canal. In the audience, a couple calls us because they spent their summer vacation in Annecy! They seem happy to tell us about their trip. The buffet is open. The staff is busy cleaning everywhere. They are manic cleanliness. The paradox is that they put anything in the mouth. In this western society lacks consistency. It fights against diseases, insects, "weeds" without chemistry because they want everything to be healthy. How can be healthy food that undergoes all pesticides, herbicides and its this chemistry. In the evening, the show is a show made by a hypnotist "Doug MacCraw". It lulls people for their much speaking. That no effect on us because we do not understand everything he said. It has a very fast speed to make sure the audience in a certain mood. For us, it is missed.
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