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Buffet Ramadhan 2013 De Palma Hotel Shah Alam last Wednesday I was invited by a fellow blogger to enjoy breaking in De Palma Shah Alam. This is actually my first invitation as a blogger to find your own delicious dishes in the De Palma Hotel Shah Alam.
Kat Arriving there, what a surprise when I saw hundreds of delicacies available. I was surprised because almost fits. So, let me bring your own food You guys to look at De Palma Hotel Shah Alam.
It will be interesting when the space outside the dining hall available such stalls. As if we are in Ramadan bazaars. Everything is fresh and cooked there. I'm quite impressed with the food catfish. Not only captured turp salatasi the hearts of the fryer busty girl-girl there, but catfish are still living in the aquarium. It's fresh! I do not deny the roast lamb. Among the best-selling dishes on that. In terms of taste, I can give 5 stars for this roast lamb. You guys did raid if required here.
What makes the breaking of the fast at De Palma Hotel this is a special and unique Islamic approach they display. I'm respected in this matter. During Ramadan, the De Palma Hotel Shah Alam has been providing activities such as: - The call to prayer live performances Qasidah reading verses from the Koran Sheikh Hassan Abdel Ghany Mohamed Abouseta (Qari from Egypt) Tazkirah tarawikh congregational prayer
This in turn delicacies that I bedal night. While-as bedal while listening tazkirah. Green also apparently. Hehehe. As they ate, he can reward. Right? I relish taking mutton curry, salted fish, spicy chicken, and not forgetting the roast lamb. Roast lamb would actually umph !! Do I think people want to be a carnivore turp salatasi ever. IPod can not remember!
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menu is oshem je lah ... see surrogate aunt Akak Boni ... where can I eat kat grand pon girls share ... more ... eat tu aunt did a lot of reti Akak not eat .... so viewers JE jawabnya..hahaha is July 19, 2013 at 9:15 PM
PROFIT ARR .. day2 BREAKING THE umbrella turp salatasi .. July 20, 2013 at 1:13 AM
Perghhh is tasty ni ... Boni, when I invite kite? Hahaha July 20, 2013 at 3:04 PM
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