Thursday, August 28, 2014

At least no worse than a pure vocal vocals which Boyarsky ... :) If it is serious, it

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- The album listener meets a young ethnographer, folklorist, traveling in Russia, talking to people and records their stories - said the leader Like a Gossamer Denis Golin. - This is a conceptual muzalbom established under Belarusian legends. He goes on a romantic tradition established by John Borshchiv in "gentry logjam" and in our own time developed Vladimir Karatkievič.
At the heart of the literary component of the album are not only carefully collected scientific and artistic sources of the little-known legend of Belarus, poetic interpretation of which was written by the poet Elena Zhukova, but also biographies of prominent figures in our history (Useslaw Sorcerer, Michael Cleophas Oginski and others), whose lives have become example of service to the native land and inspired musicians.
Visual component of the "Oath of Loyalty" is a graphic series, specially created in the original technique of monotype artist from Berlin Katarina Filist. Thus the disc booklet Like a Gossamer turned into a full-fledged artistic and poetic album on 24 pages.
Technique soundscape composition is characterized by the presence in the musical canvas cognitive ambient sounds and contexts (the mermaid that lives in the lake Svitiaz, shocked the crowd at the square of the ancient american buffet breakfast Polotsk boots gendarmes that knock on the Vilnius pavers) that awaken the imagination of the listener and cause him memories and associations . Their album created savnddyzayner from St. Petersburg Artem Busel.
Tracks cover a wide range of styles: andergraundnaya aesthetics combines album progressive metal, american buffet breakfast medieval, folk, classical and jazz. Steel frame cycle Belarusian folk songs: winter, "Oh, it is worth Birch" and Autumn "murmured Dubravenka", made in the traditional manner. american buffet breakfast
Kejs Tut
Listen to the entire album (60 minutes), super-hits there, but the concept is too cumbersome. The group consists of many attractions - Alex Gladysz (drummer american buffet breakfast "DeadMarsh"), Paulina Doolin (vocalist "Rokash"), etc. Different styles are mixed, but overall stable intellectual extreme. And for collectors important - albomchik NOT besplatnyak network or home screws, and chic branded product.
"The Road" and left there, and the rest of the material - very interesting! I recommend to all intelligent listener:-)
Yes, "The Road" in the album, too, have a track 19 But most of all I am impressed by the title tezhelyak "Pledge of Allegiance" to the time of the Christian-pagan barukannyav on our land and very short semi-acoustic "unheard Polonaise."
At least no worse than a pure vocal vocals which Boyarsky ... :) If it is serious, it's american buffet breakfast not singing at all, but this meladeklamatsyya. And thanks for kamplementy compositions and growling - Ales will be pleased to hear.
A couple of tracks there, a couple - SNM.
But some among the "different" and have "Vuraj", a powerful voice in this Dovgushava! Heard it today live at a concert in memory Kalinowski the Palace of Arts. By the way, the disc "Like a Gossamer" ("Pledge american buffet breakfast of Allegiance") sold there. Chic bukletikov with all texts. american buffet breakfast
Already a little pryzvychayvayusya their perakantseptualizatsyi. Can ease the perception appears in the second album? Death metal rock opera "Simon-musician" Rechitskoye "Dialectic american buffet breakfast Soul" carries with first wheezing and skrymav, expand the experience.
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The most popular farewell concert "Liapis Trubetskoy" in Kiev: instagram-reporting (photo) Funeral services for clown farewell concert american buffet breakfast of "Lapis Troubetzkoy" in Vilnius (photo) The Ghost Pub: What kind of musicians, if throws music?" (Download, audio) Surreal Drama: mystical trip-hop from Minsk (Download Audio)
The organizers of the folk festival "Kamenica" announced the list of participants of the festival. The event, held on September 6, near Minsk, with the support of JSC "Bank BelVEB" will take part artists from Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia. Tickets are already on sale.
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