Thursday, August 7, 2014

10.RESTAURANT Sekinchan - Danga Bay Resturant Sekinchan Ikan Bakar also been opened in Johor Bahru.

May 1.RESTAURANT SAN - PEARL HOTEL Road - Road looking to eat in Johor for the year 2012, we start with "Restaurant May San" @ Mutia Hotel Johor Bahru.Restaurant this is a Chinese restaurant that already have a halal certificate from Jakim.So far JAP is elsewhere in JB nie can contest in halal Chinese food over here sini.Harga shall hold expensive, shakeys buffet but it is reasonable to serve food on.
We move on to the restaurants 2.Nama restaurant is Yew's Cafe.Ada many branches throughout the JB, but my favorite is located in Building MAA, Jalan Abdullah Tahir.Juadah buffet for iftar shall hold good & cheap .
3 SNACK & Smoothies - NUSA DUTA From Yew's shakeys buffet Cafe us to Snack & Smoothies Restaurant located at Taman Nusa Duta - along the way going to the Hill Indah.Restaurant provides Western cuisine Local.Antaranya shakeys buffet & Special Nasi Lemak, Beef Sandwich, Chicken Chop and all sorts of lagi.Harga is fair.
4.BREAKFAST AT 7 - Danga Bay If you want to hangout more Kozi and comfort, Come to Restaurant Breakfast at 7 in DangaBay, 2nd Floor next to Clark that there are all kinds Hatch.Makanan local.Pelbagai Fried Rice, Noodle, Noodle Hoon, Chapati Standard Restaurant & goreng.Harga cuisine at affordable prices to eat
5.SATEY joss - UPPER CITY If you stop to Johor Bahru, void if not feel Steamboat satey colok.Terletak in Johor Bahru City Square, there are more than 20 stalls move that operates from 6pm pagi.Rata range around the average stall here selling the same food, look no distinguishing taste is the sauce steamboat at each booth air diff-beza.Harag a prick from 50sen to RM4 by color on the end of sticks shakeys buffet prick food.
6.CARABAO RESTAURANT - JLN ABD TAHIR at JB's restaurant & there are many stalls shakeys buffet selling Thai food & Kelantan.Antara popular is Carabao Restaurant in Jalan Abdullah Tahir Building adjacent to the tom yam flavor MAA.Cubalah Changmai nya.Rasanya enough fat and masam- manis.Tidak like sour tom yam tom yam-colored other merah.Ada Fried Rice Thai, mango salad and a diverse menu of about 50 kinds of food kesemuanya.Harga over here a little expensive than lain.Tapi for satisfaction and pleasantness, leh me to 4star for this restaurant.
WAK 7.SATEY RADOL - NEW TOWN satey UDA For Fans, do not miss the opportunity to find the best in Johor Bahru.Restaurant satey Satey Wak Radol is famous taste in Bandar Baru Uda sedap.Terletak (recently moved from Kempas) at Jalan Padi Gold most corner of Lot, Satey meat is tasty and painful shakeys buffet in many of satey ayam.So like if you want to try, leh amik much satey meat from satey ayam.Ada another delicious satey location in JB, you can go to Medan appetite University Park Park near the mosque there Universiti.Satey known as Satey Labis.Satu yet delicious kt Wholesale Market Pandan.Nama sateynya Satey Molek.Dagingnya Park was padded and sedap.Rasanya 3tempat nie je la most other sedap.tempat not not garenti coz not rasa.Selain Satey the restaurants Wak Radol also sell noodles Bandung, fried rice, fried noodles, noodle shakeys buffet soup, soto mie & various rojak & know.
TEEN 8.RESTAURANT shakeys buffet SEAFOOD - Tampoi childhood I used to, I always eat kt Teen Seafood in Park adjacent to the wholesale market Kobena Kobena (now happened Pulai View Condo) .Sekarang Teen Seafood Restaurant has opened its new face Menara Jati (IRB office) Fry .Nasi Specialnya is tasty, just can not beat the original taste of sudah.Gambar 15Years below is a selection of food to me.
9.YONG tofu - MALAY VILLAGE If you want to taste food yong tofu, comes only to the Malay Village Market or around the village Melayu.Rasa for each booth was all delicious belaka.Nak berbeza.Tetapi most-wanted if mixed with sambal chilli broth .Tangkap melting ....
10.RESTAURANT Sekinchan - Danga Bay Resturant Sekinchan Ikan Bakar also been opened in Johor Bahru.Lokasinya in DangaBay, shakeys buffet opposite Hotel Tune.Harga juga.Tapi lucrative shakeys buffet Not bad if do not want to eat grilled fish may try to eat the fat rice sedap.Mereka also I sell potato stew, hit with coffee sauce & fuuyoooo..sedap evenings .... No de what leh comment about this restaurant, all menu seafoodnya burnt using sauces and seasoning sama.Bezanya only fish, squid, shrimp & crab, but the sauce taste the same.
11.RESTURANT Sayam - Stulang Laut More stalls & Kelantan.Memang Thai cuisine abound in Stulang Laut.Tapi much stall there, I chose Booth Sayam adjoining condominium Stulang Laut.Selain inexpensive price, it tastes too sedap.Cuma if you can not eat fried rice, because they cook fried rice m

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