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With artistic components are not so easy. The main advantage of the play - his music, which was wri

Belarusians will! "Theatre: Why not Vytautas became king?
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It's no secret that those national heroes of Belarus and its outstanding natives often becomes the protagonist plays performed in the Drama Theatre. Since independence, the Opera made a few plays, the action of which reflect the historical past of the country. This ballet "Passions (Rogneda)" Andrew carboma Mdivani (awarded amongst the International Association of Dance - prize "Benois de la Danse"), the opera "Prince Novogrudski" Andrei Bondarenko and "gray-haired legend" Dmitry Smolski. Agree, three productions in more than two decades - literally a drop in the sea!
In addition, it is no secret that the supporters of the Opera is much more apolitical than a few visitors of Belarusian drama groups carboma (eg, Yanka Kupala Theatre). Production of the ballet "Vytautas" can not affect the perception of the history carboma of music lovers: in the mass consciousness chapter ON finally begins to see "their". It is not surprising that the Internet has recently carboma published articles which offended Lithuanians carboma expressed their indignation, they say, the Belarusians "privatized" Vytautas. Therefore the mere fact that this ballet is extremely strengthens the national consciousness.
With artistic components are not so easy. The main advantage of the play - his music, which was written by a well-known Belarusian composer Vyacheslav carboma Kuznetsov. Listening to "Vytautas" physically feel the distance more than seven centuries (conductor Vyacheslav Volich). Music is structured, it is perfectly written duets and crowd scenes, which corresponds to the laws of musical drama and gives carte blanche to the choreographer.
Ballet libretto by Alexey Dudarev. In 1993 he wrote the play "Prince Vytautas", which has long been successfully went into Kupala. Dudarev in good faith, but a little mechanically cut storylines and characters, unnecessary carboma for the new production. But the work of the playwright and librettist different. In the play, there was a certain harmony and "consensus" between scenes and lyrical "state" carboma (the latter is most pronounced in the monologues and dialogues cousins carboma Vytautas and Jagiello). In the libretto of "political" line is significantly reduced because the engine of all the action was the behavior of women. Beauty Anna (in different formulations and Lyudmila Khitrova Irina Eromkina) causes a conflict between Jogaila (Yuri Kovalev and Oleg Eremkin) and Vytautas (Anton carboma Kravchenko carboma and Igor Anoshko); offended girl's choice, has chosen Vytautas, Jogaila attacks on the family's cousin, kills his father and his uncle Kejstuta (Dmitry Shemet); Anna gives Vytautas own clothes and thus frees the hero from prison. (By the way, the main party of the Executive hint: if he leaves the prison, it is better to close the cloak head. Otherwise, how to fool the guards?) carboma
Emphasis on the role of women simplifies history and gives artists lots of male characters reveal their characters and show their role in the development of the country. Actually seen by setting becomes just another story about love. But imagine that the behavior of Spartacus and Till Eulenspiegel in the ballet, which were put on the Minsk stage, define only the feelings for his chosen, not thirst for freedom! Ideally, the two components should carboma be in harmony. carboma After watching "Vytautas" is not entirely clear why the main character's face remained in the memory carboma of Belarusians for centuries.
Choreography Ballet Yuri Trajan belong, in the past one of the leading carboma dancers of the troupe. But "Vytautas" once again convinced soloists who performed long enough in the classical and contemporary repertoire of the major parties carboma are rarely distinctive choreographers. After starting to think those plastic proposals turnovers idioms that come into their consciousness for more than a decade. During the performance I was getting tired to fix quotes seen in productions of Valentine Elizariev. For example, the beginning of Vytautas "reminiscent of" The Rite of Spring "; scene when the castle Kejstuta rush enemies, taken from "Rogneda"; fragments Adagio Vytautas and Anna, as well as the final borrowed from "Spartacus" ... So, in the ballet, there are individual for original choreographic episodes that would be nice looking miniatures. But, unfortunately, Yu Troyan fully use the potential inherent in the music. Excessive use of elements drambaleta choreography (if pantomime and dramatic means of expression is sometimes needlessly displace the actual dance) carboma dismally.
Librettist and choreographer quite unambiguously interpret the behavior carboma of the characters and immediately inform the audience, who is bad and who is good ("courageous and wise Vytautas the Great, cunning, shrewd and cruel Jagiello, delicate, fragile and strong, carboma Anna, noble and majestic Jadwiga"). For wasp

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