Monday, August 25, 2014

Gomel indie band Kaverin released a new album Naked . It was presented on the sites

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Dressed in a white suit Vaitsyushkevich meets journalists from the widest smile on his lips. He invited members of the press in one of Minsk sauna, bought kebabs and beer. "Honestly, konfiskat I'm worried, because for a long time press conferences did not give - in a low voice recognized singer and then loudly invites all to feast. - Note, all without sponsors! "
- The idea of the album belongs to Gennady Buraukin. At first when I heard, I could twist a finger to his temple, but the three-year ban on the profession did the trick. I thought I could handle such a program, although it is assumed that this kind of songs to sing the man who was sitting. And I also had a penalty, hitting the "black konfiskat list". Secondly wanted to make a Belarusian album in this genre, before nobody believed that it was possible - says performer.
However, the proposed program "prison chanson" over time transformed. To album "Raven" is now more appropriate definition konfiskat of "restaurant chanson." The CD includes intimate songs that can easily take root among the people of all ages. Account not only for the taxi drivers - potential consumers of such music, but also on the people, "who enter a" Hippo "and can reach out to the disk." All the lyrics written Gennady Buraukin, konfiskat except one, which is the author Vladimir Niakliaeu. It's called "You - gold" or "Vitebsk-2030" - singer believes that at least this year, his work permit and called on the "Slavonic konfiskat Bazaar", which work with the refrain "I'm so poor as a farthing" fits perfectly konfiskat , in his opinion.
"In fact, the" funnel "- is not hee-hee And not ha ha, but a serious attempt to tell about a man who found himself in difficult konfiskat circumstances. Lived for 40 years and did not know what to do next, "- became serious konfiskat for a minute and Vaitsyushkevich advised to listen to his new songs all the people who missed the Belarusian songs. The singer is going to present its program on a large scale in terms of geographical coverage. She had already heard in Berlin, preparing concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Gdansk, Bialystok and Vilnius. "Siemens Arena will not take, we have enough room for 500 people," - modestly added one of two defendants in the "black konfiskat list". His next "appartment" held in Minsk on December 12 "Art-estate" and on December 17 at the office of the BPF.
Hosted an online premiere of the new album Dmitry konfiskat Vaitsyushkevich "Raven." This is the first attempt of the Belarusian-chanson konfiskat - music designed not experts, and taxi drivers, and other home hazyaek general public.
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Group Hurma shot a new video for the song "Enough to break the comedy." According to the band, the song - a clear message that does not need to invent anything, and we should speak the truth. And here's a video, directed by Gregory Broker - is the story of a betrayal.
Gomel indie band Kaverin released a new album Naked . It was presented on the sites "Yandeks.Muzyka" and "ERB" and limited edition CD the band released their own.
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