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2009 (234) April (2) March (79) February (73) January (80) Last day at sea .. At Sea At S

T he people say, "Love is sharing with someone's life.". But life is not a cake that we divide by hand more or less equal and we distribute according to our fancy. The existence life in full, or not at all. Living together is sharing two lives for this life is leverage. That is to say that everyone lives their own, and also that the couple also saw its own dynamic existence. Love multiplies. It increases. It can not be shared. lovekiller People say also share a moment together. Each event we live alone, with our senses, with packaging that we received with our emotions. Ever we may share a moment together because we rarely see reality. The reality is when we are absent, only deal with the event, without choice, without condemnation, without judgment lovekiller yet fully alive. Paradoxically, in this solitude, we connect with everyone and everything. As beautiful and radiant sun, the Caribbean is unleashed under wind pressure. lovekiller The vessel continued quietly on his way to Florida. Waves crash on the hull. People move to the deck 10 behind the winds and breezes extend the deck to enjoy the heat and rays of the Sun. A server appeals to me because I write in my notebook these notes. I explain that I relate our trip I done with André from Europe. I told him that we left on November 28. It tells me a writer "Baudrillard" and a book title "The lovekiller America". A writer "post-modernist" lovekiller said the boy who comes from Turkey. Day at sea today, no excursion is planned except for the royal buffet "Mercury". lovekiller So people indulge in their favorite activity: eating. And then they chat. Whether the American, Chinese or French, gossip is always noise characteristic background to fill the silence. It is the fear of emptiness that motivates people to talk to say nothing and yet they say is as empty as their existence. In the evening, organized by the crew farewell dinner. Andrew and me, we put on our costumes for the occasion Kanabeach. The meal ends with the famous "Baked Alaska" here called Alaska. After we have the spectacle: "Dance Around the World". lovekiller Singers and dancers offer us a half hour and gala costumes with high color, beautiful songs and a performance in the air duo Velikovi.
2009 (234) April (2) March (79) February (73) January (80) Last day at sea .. At Sea At Sea At Sea ... Miami management, Freedom of the sea Hello Saint Martin in the Caribbean ... ... Philipsburg (St Martin), lovekiller Freedom lovekiller of the sea Hello San Juan, Puerto Rico ... San Juan (Puerto Rico), Freedom of the sea San Juan, Puerto Rico Saint Martin, French Antille ... Hello Haiti Labadee (Haiti), Freedom lovekiller of the sea Florida Labadee, Haiti in Caribbean sea ... sea, sea Freedom of the Board the "Freedom of the Seas" Miami, Florida Freedom of the sea from Miami Bye-bye ... hello Miami North Port North Port - Miami (Florida) North Port, Florida Inna & Simon Day ... North Port in Sarasota and St. Petersburg ... North Port, Florida Tampa Florida ... North Port, Florida Masha and Vincent ... Sarasota, Florida North Port, Florida at Sarasota Ringling ... Florida North Port, Florida Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida North Port, Florida From Fort Lauderdale to North Port ... Fort Lauderdale - North Port, Florida Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Last day at sea .. Caribbean Sea, Caribbean Sea in Atlantic lovekiller ... Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Krishnamurti Cartagena, Colombia, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Cartagena, Colombia Krishnamurti ... At sea Day at sea caribbean ... Crossed the Panama Canal to the Pacific Atla ... Panama Canal Crossing Panama Canal sea Last day in Pacific Ocean ... Puntarenas, Costa Rica Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Pacific Sam Puntarenas, Costa Ricas Day in Pacific Ocean ... Krishnamurti At Sea, Pacific Huatulco, Mexico City Pacific Huatulco (Mexico) Huatulco, Mexico Acapulco Mexico Acapulco, Mexico, Pacific. Acapulco, Mexico Krishnamurti The weather is lazy ... At Sea, Pacific. Anchorage in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Pacific. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico ... By Pacific Ocean sea, Pacific Boarding the "Mercury" San Diego - At Sea, Pacific San Diego, California, lovekiller USA Route between Las Vegas and San Diego San Diego Hello ... Anthony

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