Sunday, August 24, 2014

How buratku-shamanistku not allowed in the Orthodox church

Deliberate obstruction and mass mass arrests in the regions
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How buratku-shamanistku not allowed in the Orthodox church
On Wednesday, the action of silent solidarity joined regions. On the main square of regional and district centers out people who are against the rapid decline journeys a la carte in living standards and rising prices. Despite the fact that the action was silent and its members did not use the flags, banners, not voiced slogans, police yet to be detained. See "Revolution via social network" journeys a la carte in the regions. June 29, 2011 on the map a variety of sizes Brest Police detained 50 protesters in Brest at the silent action came about 300 people. 50 of them were detained. In the central square in the city authorities carry out a concert. Participants journeys a la carte of the rally noted that the concert is not well organized, the musicians make a lot of mistakes, the music sounds out of tune. In response, the Brest residents loud clapping. And 20 hours of police began mass mass arrests. Detained about 50 people. Among them - a freelance journalist Ales Liauchuk, photojournalist BelaPAN Milan Kharitonov. The detainees were taken to the police station Leninsky Brest. The action took place in Bereza, where the central square left about 10 people. In Baranavichy per share gathered more than 100 people. To the area police drove three paddy wagons. Later, the police began to displace people from the area, through a megaphone called to disperse. In 20 participants rewrote data passports. Grodno region Grodno thousandth procession passed in Grodno about 20 hours ended with a procession of citizens, members of "Revolution through social networks." Around 19:30 near the area of hundreds of Soviet people who came to participate in the silent protest and did not disperse, began to clap and be merry. It lasted about five minutes. Then people went in different directions, as the former two times, and went to the pedestrian street Soviet. To join processions new members. The procession stretched. Finally, a street that has a length of five meters, filled more than half. Grodno clapping, shouting, smiling. At the end of the Soviet they turned into the street Eliza Ozheshko passed skyscraper executive committee, fail to completely empty Lenin Square, which was furnished with iron barriers, passed the intersection, then crossed the bridge over the Gorodnichanka and entered the park Zhiliber. Total people clapping and shouting. On the whole procession passed eight meters and ended in the park. With regard to the Soviet area, where there is still going to the participants journeys a la carte the silent action, it now has been fenced with iron barriers, policemen in plain clothes were missing her four PPC wickets for reproof metals. But the protesters did not go there. Near the Soviet area waiting paddy wagons ready. Most security officers were in plain clothes. You could hear each other as they assessed the action: "People were a lot." Social journeys a la carte actions in districts prevented journeys a la carte rain in Lida, Beryozovka, Slonim, Navagrudak, Vawkavysk during social events held rain, sometimes even a shower. People were a little bit, but the area they came from. The policemen followed them with cars and filmed on camera. Michael tells Kornevich. In Lida, despite journeys a la carte the rain, in the social event was attended by over 80 people again. Being watched police and men in civilian clothes, but today no one was arrested. In Berezovka Lida district, according to one of the protesters, and 19 hours was the natural rainfall. Participants was significantly lower than in the previous

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