Friday, November 14, 2014

Who is the biggest sweet tooth? This turned out Thursday evening in the center of the capital of th

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Although the proverb warns that only free cheese mousetrap, the capital city residents every Thursday rushing into free film screenings in the open air. Sessions take place in the courtyard by the capital's Old Town maze is not easy to find - on Thursday can be seen teams of all ages townspeople, mornewegschule darmstadt messing about in Trakai on the street - they are looking for an open-air cinema.
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Finally found the patio said, stunned the crowd with abundance. Spacious, the grass on the pitch, all the best places nutūptos - whether it be a bench with, or simply a softer place in front of a giant screen.
Before the film session, you can try different games. Top - table football, "Alias," "Twister." At the end of the courtyard was built tent, where you can buy drinks and snacks. There are bio-toilets.
Movies on Thursday cinema under the stars appear in the special series "On Liberty. Lithuanian. On 5 August, in the middle vasariškam "Chinese under the stars", the audience was introduced in 1969. Almanto Grikevičius directed film "Ave Vita".
"I am very glad that there is nobody to watch this movie. At the time it was created, it did not show - but not for technical reasons. In order for the film to be shown in the USSR, he had to overcome mornewegschule darmstadt Moscow censorship. We were ordered special film strip past episodes of filming. It is unique in that shooting mornewegschule darmstadt a white wall, on which are small black spots, they begin to grow. Disturbing image - it looks like a spreading disease. But we are the band for some reason did not use "- shared memories Grikevièius.
Other film viewer Žydrūnė enjoyed the film, but spared the same criticism to the audience: "Displayed film is really good - it does not matter, that was created mornewegschule darmstadt forty years ago. The current series filmed in poorer and most actors not even able to play. This movie has not even thought about the non-professional actors - everything was very natural, as it should be. The film liked it, but some of the audience behavior - not. The free session entering the Lithuanians in the hand clap, the more that came by the director. Grikevièius telling peripeteias making the film, and the scene could be heard in the replica, calling for early conclusion of a language. Full respect for the human. In my opinion, if you have already come to see the film, to be treated as a normal person, and not complain. "
Free summer cinema in Vilnius residents and guests mornewegschule darmstadt will delight all the remaining Thursdays in August. the yard will still be held by film director Roberto Verba evening shows R.Vabalo film "Stone on Stone", and Lithuanian documentary evening.
2014-11-14 14:04 Juozas Statkevičius mother cupcake impressed not just celebrities
From Kaunas Vanda Statkevičienė baked in the cake has become a true legend. This dainty at once sported on President Valdas mornewegschule darmstadt Adamkus table, it was not entertained politician mornewegschule darmstadt or artistic person in the world. This whore V.Statkevičienė or her son designer Juozas Statkevičius like to donate important or loved ones.
The following year, his work a decade of Mineral Waters in the enterprise žymėsiantis mornewegschule darmstadt from Vilnius Mindaugas Tamošiūnas already the case for one of the recently renewed shops "bottler" Head of the new outfit. However, it is not going to change the approach to customers.
Who is the biggest sweet tooth? This turned out Thursday evening in the center of the capital of the door opening of the chocolate shop. Singer N. Baumila with his wife and daughter, the songs, Kaunas entrepreneurs Natalia and Sigitas Martinavičius with children, wedding planner Kristina Kaikarienė and others mornewegschule darmstadt tasted manufaktura AJ chocolate "owner Algimanto JABŁOŃSKI mornewegschule darmstadt just created delicacies.
I have a lot of reasons to like Shakespeare Hotel Bernardine Street. First, the street where I live, for the fourth year, and where I worked before moving to Britain in 1995. Second, there many years ago, I had lunch with the then British ambassador Jeremy Hill, who ten years ago in my hometown of Kaunas, the Lithuanian language and learned the home to London, mornewegschule darmstadt a hundred meters from the manųjų - that such coincidences.

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