Thursday, November 13, 2014

Story soon spread across the Soviet press, it soon became interested in foreign journals, editorial

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A few days ago the world's media has swept notice that died in the last nineteenth century. mizuumi sushi and seafood buffet born and surviving man, 116 m. age of Japanese Jiroemonas Kimura. He officially mizuumi sushi and seafood buffet became the longest-lived man on the planet. Officially, the longest on the planet living in the woman and the man generally recognized as 122 m. age of Frenchwoman Jeanne Kalmen (Jeanne Calment). However, neither the one nor the other long-lived record for not not even remotely be compared to the really hard perceived longevity achievement. Azerbaijan in 1805. 26 March. born SIRAL Baba Muslimovas died only in 1973. 2 September. ... and lived 168 years. Both years lived and witnessed the grandfather passport.
Š. Muslimovas whole life has been about 2 thousand. meters in Barzavu village herdsman Lerika area - a mountainous area of Azerbaijan, near the border with Iran. It is said that the old man every day hard dirbdavęs - to the age of 165-year-old. Did not smoke, did not use alcohol, eating fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread, chicken broth, low-fat cheese and yogurt. During mizuumi sushi and seafood buffet his long life had a number of wives. However, in 1972-1973. durable contracted mizuumi sushi and seafood buffet pneumonia (lung infection), and 1973. September died.
About N. Muslimovą mizuumi sushi and seafood buffet that year wrote National Geographic Magazine. The essay was told that sometimes the old man tebejodinėjo riding and oversaw further in 1870. planted orchard. Later, the magazine published information about N. Muslimovą denied - ostensibly details of the years he has lived not reliable enough and grandfather did not have time to talk to any foreign journalist. Also, for those reasons and acted the Guinness World Records book edition, which was sat. Muslimovą published longest-lived person on the planet.
Information about marriage Sat. Muslimovo status was also assessed as controversial. National Geographic said that it was durable 120-year-old wife, with whom she was married before 102 years. However, Azerbaijani herders dedicated obituary published by Time magazine tells us that N. Muslimovas died while living with a third wife, which was 107 years old. According to still other sources, as a 136-year-old grandfather not only married again, but also had a daughter. Sat only. Muslimovo proof of age - an official passport. Birth certificate Š. Muslimovas not.
Š. Muslimovo case became known to the world in 1963. When a young agency TASS journalist Cullman Kaspijevas Barzavu went to the village and talked to Centennial. When he first interacted with SIRAL Baba (grandfather SIRAL), this was a correspondent for over more than 7 times: the reporter was only 22 survived the turning, and Š. Muslimovui - 158 years old.
Story soon spread across the Soviet press, it soon became interested in foreign journals, editorial and even company Danone, which for promotional purposes claimed that N. Muslimovo longevity is related to the daily diet herdsman - especially yogurt. Global interest has changed the small Azeri village life: it was brought in electricity, the residents an opportunity to listen to the radio and watch TV broadcasts. And the same the elderly were allocated pension - the poor who lived in a century-old felt extremely rich.
The money he was not accustomed to. And 1964. 156 th birthday of the Soviet mizuumi sushi and seafood buffet government Corrected grandfather SIRAL feast. That day to welcome him arrive officials, was filmed in a documentary film, which, as my K. Kaspijev

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