Saturday, November 29, 2014

Koenji culture epicenter

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JR Central and Sobu "Koenji Station" about 15 minutes to walk a residential area that is diagonally left direction from the north exit, Mabashi elementary school you will see. If you go to the back of the elementary school, a large park surrounded by greenery will glimpse the face. It is the "Mabashi park". This park "Koenji Station" and has just been installed in the middle of Atari "Asagaya Station" is a disaster prevention park that is specified in a temporary shelter at the time of the earthquake. Also, which was built in the Meteorological Research chinese smorgasbord Institute of the site, which was handed from country, park area is located 19,261 .
Koenji culture epicenter "The Koenji"

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