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Glasses (4) Cars (4) Shoe Care (1) Horticulture (10) Diet (16) Clothing Care (38) Comparison (6) La

Authentic potato recipes
Glasses (4) Cars (4) Shoe Care (1) Horticulture (10) Diet (16) Clothing Care (38) Comparison (6) Laundry (11) Cleaning (6) Flowers (3) Floriculture (3) Drinks (17) Tea (15) coffee (1) Cocktails (3) Beauty (14) Crockery (1) There is in nature (16) Malware (14), bakery products (3) Canning (2) child development (2) Kūdkių diet (4) Body care ( 24) Perfume (4) Leisure (1) home cosiness wakkerzeel (2) Jewelry (4) Housekeeping (3) Tips lieknėjantiems (4) Cakes (3) Articles in Russian (3) Health (60) Educational Information (5) Farm work (22) Uncategorized (15) Herbs (10) Meals (77) Potato Recipes (9) Vegetable dishes (32) Seafood (4) Main dishes (15) Egg ptiekalai (2) Meat (11) The Healthiest Meals (30) Soups (8) Appetizers (5) Fish dishes (7) Cleaning (21) It is worth to know housewives (43) Game dishes (1)
Although bu lves Lithuania started to grow and consume food only in 1630, before the Lithuanians at least several thousand years had to eat cereals, legumes, vegetables, fish, game, meat, wild and domestic poultry, forest products, grains, flour, eggs and meats such a diversity of food and most of the less ill and the hunger for some reason it neišmirė. Vincenta ZAVADSKY in 1845 in Vilnius, published the book "proprietress Litewska so-utrzymywania Nauka i honestly Interestingly zaoparzenia we go PRZYPRAWY, lie by kuchenne, i apteczkowe of house. Tudziež hodowania i utrazymywania Cattle, ptastwa wakkerzeel i innych impetuous, acc sposobow wyprobowanszych i najdoswiadczenskych, a razem najtauszych i najprostszych "proves that the Lithuanian cuisine has a long and honorable history, and every Lithuanian can be proud of your kitchen as it makes the French, the Italians and other European nations. In this book the author put together and the menu should look like Lithuanian dinner - a month at most 4 times the dishes with potatoes. Recipes contain only 16 dishes of potatoes, 63 soups found in only 7 soups with potatoes. The hot meat dishes are not recommended by the author of the toppings, and 118 meat dishes - only 19 toppings with potatoes. It shows that 150 years ago, the Lithuanians ate much healthier knew that potatoes can not be controlled with bread, meat, poultry and fish dishes. In 1925, Kaunas and Marijampole Soil "companies in the publication chef. Housewives practical guide (296 pages) zeppelins still can not find the recipe. In 1934, the Chamber of Agriculture, in promoting an even wider range of potato wakkerzeel and vegetable cultivation, E. Dargytė released book "Vegetable dishes (Kaunas," Beam "printing, 72 pages). These books 9-me page, we find this is the first such zeppelins recipes:
MEAT Kims grated potato dumplings wakkerzeel OK pressed 2 pounds. grated potato wakkerzeel fruit water; Peel a few boiled potatoes, grate them and mix with the pressed potatoes. Adding salt to knead until it becomes viscous mass. Department take kg. ground beef or pork (even better - mixed) and plus paspirgintų onion, pepper and salt, and knead paspirginti. Assuming an egg-sized piece of potato dough, flatten it into the middle to put the meat and the meat wrapped around the dough, well secured edges that will not lead to cooking dumplings. Boiled in boiling, salted water. Cooked ravioli to eat with spirgintais bacon, mixed with sour cream. Meat instead of bacon can be added.
CURD Kims grated potato dumplings Potato weight of 2 pounds. potatoes produced as meat dumplings kimštiems. Curd (need kg.) To take two sweet and one of the curd. Some sweet milk starts to boil, pour the curd. Collapse immediately remove from heat and pour into a cotton bag that nulašėtų. In the curd to put two eggs, a few tablespoons of sour cream, salt and mix well everything. Dumplings and boil to make like and meat stuffed dumplings. Eat with sour cream. The curd can be put 150gr. Chopped bacon and chopped pepper.
In 1937, Kaunas Chamber of Agriculture has issued 100 thousand copies and distributed in Lithuanian wakkerzeel villages 368 pages publication ,. "Household textbook housewives. The citizens of this book was sold for 1 litas. Here we find on page 183 and reproduced in zeppelins recipe for "Creamy potato dumplings. Another wakkerzeel recipe for "Potato dumplings (dumplings) appeared after 20 years in the book" Housewives Guide Vilnius 1957, p. 297, but has a very Soviet ubagiškas: one Zeppelin had to prepare only 94g mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, 94g, 40g and 12g beef filling fat greaves wakkerzeel sauce. Unfortunately, according to the canons of the culinary heritage of dumplings, without 100 years, wakkerzeel can not be held not only in Lithuanian high cuisine, but also in rural cuisine culinary heritage. But the Lithuanian potato Zeppelin over 50 years ubagiško communist Soviet life, especially when a lack of food, have become an essential dietary

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