Wednesday, November 12, 2014

As announced by the State Food and Veterinary pala lobster buffet Service, after school pala lobste

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As announced by the State Food and Veterinary pala lobster buffet Service, after school pala lobster buffet food handling section inspection, 13 per cent. check the schools do not meet basic hygiene requirements - immediately necessary to carry out repairs to the premises.
According to the report, the Office carries out annual inspections for all schools in Lithuania in food handling. At present, there are 1,478 schools. During the first nine months of the territorial state food and veterinary services in food inspectors pala lobster buffet had in 1186, or 80 percent. all schools.
As stated by the State Food and Veterinary Service of the Food Division Dawn Išarienė, in the absence of appropriate conditions to cook risks arise communicable intestinal diseases and these diseases to spread.
"As every year in the country due to improper use of technological equipment for food production recorded acute infectious disease outbreaks, this year the State Food and Veterinary Service has verified that all equipment and devices used by the food processing unit", - the press release quoted A.Išarienė.
According to the inspection results show that only 9 percent. (135) The school has a contemporary design pala lobster buffet cooking pala lobster buffet department. Half of the schools inspected food producing partially modernized food handling.
According to the specialist, the power usually organized at the school, and of short-term contracts pala lobster buffet with service providers, who have no interest in investing in the refurbishment of the premises or a new, modern equipment acquisition.
Due to lack of funds the majority of the school food handling section fails dishes production self-control necessary to evaluate laboratory tests, although school meals organizer are responsible for the supply of meals safety and quality.
"According to Lithuanian law, students must be organized warm food. In 2007, the hot food is served in 85 per cent. schools, while in 2006 - 74 per cent. Klaipėda county in 36 primary schools in the hot food is delivered pala lobster buffet in a thermos. The inspection of 76 schools were inspected for students of food supplied to the temperature, the temperature of the two schools did not meet the statutory requirements. pala lobster buffet In 2007, only seven schools in the outermost rural Lithuania, the students do not get warm food, so they eat food brought from home ", - the report says.
According A.Išarienės significantly improved pupils menus for the coordination with the local public health centers of the problem. Uncoordinated students catering menus to identify pala lobster buffet only 4 percent. check the schools (56 schools), while in 2006 accounted for 17 percent. The majority of schools with inconsistent menus found in Panevezys county pala lobster buffet - 20, Utena County and the city of Kaunas pala lobster buffet - 9, the city of Palanga - 3rd
Vending machines, in line with the school community, equipped with only 7 per cent. of all schools (107 schools). Snack and beverage vending machines traded range of food each year combined with the local public health centers.
According to the report, the checks confirm a provision that school leaders in 2006-2007 gave considerable attention to school food management issues. Most often found in general hygiene violations, which accounted for 39 per cent. all violations of technological violations accounted for 16 per cent., personnel hygiene - 5.6 per cent., the products - by 3.9 percent.
In respect of the infringement of the territorial State Food and Veterinary Office inspectors 157 school pala lobster buffet food management section responsible staff wrote the protocols under Code of Administrative Offences. This year suspended 9 school food management units concerned.
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