Saturday, November 15, 2014

Storm Agency, Executive Director Sarah Doukas, once discovered Kate Moss, says:

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The fashion world is experiencing a lot of the effects of the recession, hyvee breakfast buffet but the most unexpected and almost mystical renaissance is blonde. This can not go unnoticed by exerting American fashion magazine "Vogue" May the number of advertising pages in the first twelve. Of them shines yellow hair and blue eyes sparkle. Same blonde divas flaunt magazine Grazia, British Elle and French hyvee breakfast buffet Vogue.
South African LITVAK hyvee breakfast buffet famous fried chicken on grill
What is your refrigerator time actress Returns hyvee breakfast buffet Baikštytė?
Dolce & Gabbana advertising sugarbiniuotais blonde hair actress Scarlett Johannsson looks like a rising hyvee breakfast buffet 4th decade star. Reuters Beauty Marisa Miller. Reuters hyvee breakfast buffet Model Karolina Kurkova. Reuters Model Claudia Shiffer. Reuters famous heiress and businesswoman Paris Hilton. Reuters Model Heidi Klum. Reuters
Over the past few months, the advertising agency as a "Premier" and "Storm," observed significantly increased blondes žydraakių (Eng. Blonde hair-blue eyed, or BHBE) models of demand, as they should be offset by the fragile economy and gloomy hyvee breakfast buffet financial climate.
Advertisers, says the agency, no longer willing to abnormal appearance Manek, the last few years, dominated the podium, posters and fashion magazines. Now they are looking for a safe, secure and healthy-looking girls with hair of linen, which is calm, but not shocking hyvee breakfast buffet to consumers.
"We have noticed that the significant increase in the demand for classic girls, but not strange appearance - says Carole White, Premier Model Management agency founder. - In a recession, customers do not want to take risks, they know what sells, and wants to hire models hyvee breakfast buffet that have to please many tastes. When every penny, they are far more likely to rely on the proven hyvee breakfast buffet formulas.
Storm Agency, Executive Director Sarah Doukas, once discovered Kate Moss, says: "If a thing is now possible to distinguish between those looking for new faces, it would be the motto of" we need more blondes. This is partly because it is not easy to find a wonderfully looking hyvee breakfast buffet blonde, because you need something fairly classic.
Only 30 per cent. 200 Storm girls are blondes. hyvee breakfast buffet "Look at the ads - says S.Doukas. - Marc Jacobs advertises Raquel Zimmermann, Lily Donaldson, seems to predict everywhere, as well as, Toni Garn (Prada, Fendi and Versace). And Claudia Schiffer again gets a lot of work. Blonde is a safer step for customers who want to take. In addition, when we are constantly surrounded hyvee breakfast buffet by bad news, blonde stereotype is optimistic hyvee breakfast buffet and feeling good. "
Mythology and fairy blonde žydraakės are positive heroines, and their enemies are portrayed hyvee breakfast buffet as dark and disgusting. Blonde hair also has a magical power: they are strong enough to use as a rope to climb up the tower Brothers Grimm fairy tale, or can captivate an aphrodisiac M.Maeterlincko play.
According to evolutionary hyvee breakfast buffet psychologist dr.Lance'o workmans, according to the theory of traditional Northern Hemisphere men tied to the physical signs of youth, because women have a limited period of fertility. "Blonde or lighter hair is one of those characters, because hair darkens with age," - he explains.
Clinical psychologist Abigael Sahn says, "blonde hair and blue eyes is known as pleasers of many tastes. This is a classic beauty standard. Blonde hair we relate to childhood hyvee breakfast buffet - the good, moral and confidence. Now we feel deceived bankers and politicians, hence the need for even more confidence. "
The current flavor trends reverberation hyvee breakfast buffet echoes of the twentieth century 4th decade since the Great Depression. hyvee breakfast buffet In order to recover the audience to the cinema halls, a major studio, MGM, Fox, Warner Brothers began to develop hyvee breakfast buffet from reality help escape hyvee breakfast buffet movies. Blondes attracted maximum attention, because blondes idols began stamping. Blondes do not always look pretty - Peroxygen hair color and structure are often reminded of straw, but the operators were able to film actresses so that they just glow.
"Celebrities are now also have a much stronger thrust, - says hair stylist Luke Hershesonas. - For the most as well as prison

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