Saturday, November 15, 2014

Darius Masionis Company Čili Holdings, a new CEO Darius Masionis. Before that, he successfully led

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Darius Masionis Company Čili Holdings, a new CEO Darius Masionis. Before that, he successfully led the telecommunications company "Bite", has accumulated a wealth of experience working in the energy, construction, tabbouleh resepti insurance and food industries.
"This year, the company for specific tasks. The restaurants in the development and updating of Lithuania and Latvia are going to invest more than 4 million. LTL. We will seek to further enrich the dog currently available 0.5 million. a loyal customer base. I believe that the new head of a company professional skills to help achieve their goals, "- said Čili Holdings Chairman Dainius Kalina.
Taking into account the wishes of visitors this spring update menus, which appeared in "Chili's restaurants guests offered meals, a review of the pricing tabbouleh resepti reduced price meals.
"Working with well-known to all" chilly "brand - is not only an honor but also a great challenge. Draw on the experience and management expertise, leadership positions covering the company to ensure the continuity of the successful implementation of the activities and development plans. My focus will be to improve the quality of customer service, "- said the new company chilly holing Managing Director Masionis.
Currently Čili Holdings Lithuania owns 43 of its restaurants and 14 franchise. Latvia, tabbouleh resepti the company owns 15 of its own, 9 franchise restaurants. In 2011, the company's tabbouleh resepti consolidated turnover amounted to EUR 114.6 million. LTL was created over 1,700 jobs.
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