Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This record, like many others, absolutely not change anything. I just wanted to remind all readers

UK Health Gestapo prohibit colored cigarette valley view casino free buffet packages. Then think about prohibit smoking.
Following the European ban on smoking in all public places - including pubs, where people gather Generally trūčytis health and enjoy the things that they are unhealthy, but it's something the people familiar? - It's a new hit from the state, which is best for you to know better. England cigarettes will be sold in white packets, without any mark, without color and without a camel that smokers are still ugly.
Unaware of the report that Britain already moving ahead of the planet with their fascist tvarkele: some time ago on cigarette packs printed with images of horrific tumors valley view casino free buffet išpuvusiais teeth, open chest cavity and dead bodies in a morgue, which encouraged many meticulous care, užsiperkant cigarettes abroad not only avoiding paying 6 ( 24) a pack, but also to protect themselves from the ugly image that mental and physical health is more damaging than the taboka.
I am waiting, when unhealthy food restaurants make you take off the signs, dress serving what murderous overalls and Burger on each box will be a color photo of narrowed blood vessels. Think not? Supermarket chains are already valley view casino free buffet užterorizuoti sveikuoliškų recommendations so that it can not find a delicious canned green peas - the ink is nearly nebededa valley view casino free buffet salt. On each food package all sorts of red, yellow and green, the labels that every second you knew how unhealthy living.
In 1997, the RJ Reynolds tobacco company has refused to Joe Camel'o, one of the most attractive of all time characters valley view casino free buffet of goods. About it, said that he is trying to sell tobacco to children. Doubt: hardly children start smoking valley view casino free buffet or smoking valley view casino free buffet more, after seeing enough of these ads, they're just smoking chose another brand. As well as adults.
Like Marlboro packet of color and drawing, as Joe Camel and me symbolized everything that is beautiful and good in the American design. It - part of the American dream, which politically correct censorship and the dominant ideology of the left and antikonsjūmeristinė dorojosi one thing at a time. Large cars pollute the environment, neon advertising glorifies excessive consumption of music and clothing seksualizuoja youth.
Political Correctness Taliban first will destroy what is most pleasant. Im a little concerned about your health and well-being. They are most needed, that never, never, under any circumstances, you can not feel pleasure. Cigarette in a dark bar with stiff was one of the most pleasurable things I have to look for these days in countries such as Turkey and Japan, valley view casino free buffet which have not yet reached my health lovers militant hands.
Henry Louis Mencken * is also described the essence of fundamentalism "scary nepasitraukianti fear that someone somewhere valley view casino free buffet might be fun" (a terrible, Pervasive fear That someone, somewhere, valley view casino free buffet is having fun).
This record, like many others, absolutely not change anything. I just wanted to remind all readers of the protocols, as has been well and how things go wrong in relation to the freedom to live as they wish, in the UN as well as you want, and try to experience the happiness and joy small flakes, which are still around. I know that the fight is different, I know that Anna's side more, but it's not over till it's over.
* Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956), American journalist and writer from Baltimore, which nowadays would be very unpopular Nida Vasiliauskaitė as unreasonably derided pseudointelektualų and temperence valley view casino free buffet and various other categories of people.
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I remember, as I've tried to quit smoking in 1992 from the New Year night. Smoked throughout January 1st. On the 2nd night I could not sleep, thoughts revolved solely about how I want to smoke result. I went quietly to the staircase, I found someone dropped a cigarette butt, I went out into the yard, fire ... I looked at the bright winter sky shining stars and I said to myself, so that more and diminish self-tortured, better to enjoy life, even though it's on the somewhat limited.
And I'm glad that bars neberūkoma. Nebeprasmirsti cigarettes after being in there. valley view casino free buffet Measure with white bags devised for children with sweets unmixed valley view casino free buffet While they encourage more smoking seems to me not mottled packs, but the ominous notes "No 18 - Smoking is not for you !!!", which makes smoking valley view casino free buffet hard adult affair.
And I remember how 10 years ago banned Lithuania sticks of chocolate, because being the form of sticks, and they were packed in bags, as far as the size of a pack of cigarettes resemble (just the optimal size). So, some sort of v

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