Friday, May 22, 2015

The rice bread has not been compared. The secret of the taste is just as coconut milk, was the comb

The morning of the second day was bright. Today is the morning yen Bangkok city tour and afternoon tour after moving to Pattaya. The tour is an authentic day in Thailand. mercatus center Wash up 6:00 in the morning the weather was moved to 06:30 in the hotel lobby to the dining room behind. Buffet and were very colorful and the kind of food. But matneun Korean food taste is surprisingly small. Cereal and yogurt, bread and milk, finished breakfast egg dishes. Naeeotda foreigners not even mind taking too many photos. Come eat breakfast looked outside and enjoy the scenery Jiangxi window hanhu Jim cleanup.
Thai traditional temple tourist guide helps when there are separate guides in Thailand. Georanda same as unconditional Korean tour guides guide City palace in the country. mercatus center Surprise was surprised to speak Korean very well. .... Forgot the name of the guide.
In coordination guide led a fun introduction Thailand. Thailand is a peninsula of land the size of 2.3 times, five times the size of South Korea. Specialty is rice (Alain US) and is the superpower of the world rice production 1-2. ET GRAND CASTANG can only do it three in a year ... also the world's largest jewelry trading countries. So the golden land, destroyed the country does, should not be hungry anhaedo country and is ranked 9th in the world car production giant. Thailand car instead of the car for the first time this year, most compact cars have been produced in Japan. Drink water instead of the palm trees palm trees harvested three times a year, and harvest mercatus center 90 fruit per one of the trees. Drinks, sweets, food, oil, building materials, coal eopdanda nothing to lay up. In addition, every house I planted banana trees, tropical itdanda a big effect on the characteristics of the local teachers accidents. This is because the snake really do not want to banana essence and aroma. Deulyeowaseo and rubber trees in Indonesia and Korea produces various mercatus center rubber mercatus center products tire haetdanda established a plant in the field. In addition, paper and wood as known yupeu kalrip tooth tree lot. Koala eats only the leaves are much alcohol is so often Koala danda zone. Heh. The current King Rama IX. Bangkok city at the temple mercatus center more than 10 500 and four won Watford is a hygienic second largest temple in the nine largest temple look back today. Chao Phraya river lengths amount to 360Km.
All sides of the tower, the tower stands the Statue of Liberty and a small escort to do so.
Get off the boat to pass through the market went to Watford temple.
It remains a splendid grandeur of the tower? Just like the pyramids of Egypt.
The rice bread has not been compared. The secret of the taste is just as coconut milk, was the combination of rice flour. Heuphip to sue busy storm on a soft, fragrant smell of coconut. I was happy. Heh
After the tour moved to Pattaya from Bangkok. It ran two hours 30 minutes by bus. Pattaya is a place such as South Korea Haeundae Compared. Move funny story Thailand's 2nd anchansu guide leads you on the bus. The countries of the sequence of Thailand. When it listed as SEQ ID NO: Buddha, Buddha, mercatus center monks, the King, the royal family, Prime Minister, parliamentarians, military, police, civil servants, Miranda mercatus center order of the populace. Sawitgam top is inde police, mercatus center the reason had to Come to know firsthand. Target 1 yiranda Latitude avoid the police.
I trip over a car on the street was a different color plates in red. White is the general public, such as commercial and country are yellow, red New Miranda. Inde temporary license mercatus center plate in South Korea hit a red sweet and original period usually takes attended by Thai people deliberately throwing a penalty that likes to show off, but stopped three months Mexico. Thais are particularly good for plates 9 characters 9999 amounts to ten thousand won 10004-5000 prices plates. People have no money, for example, mercatus center prefer a combined 9 characters 2727, 6363 and the like. In China eight characters, the same as seven characters like in Korea, but also likes to show off was similar to the Chinese people and.
Fun with a minor country only magazine mercatus center in the world, a country mercatus center that sells amulets amulets sold on home shopping. Tattoos are common. The flag of Thailand is made up of three colors, red is the blood of the people, Buddhism, faith is white, and blue haebomyeon symbol combining efforts into the life of King Be a means to defend the King Buddhism. Thai king at that as an absolute presence and is truly a real king of the people receiving the divine presence of love at the same time in one body. When the Prime Minister under King occurs only sensitive to difficult to care for Political Affairs mercatus center minister, gukron the doendan a clean surface when the division's all the king's word. But now the King and succession issues Post by elderly King, the King is dead, so many need to currency reform is a condition that is potentially confusing elements.
When I was a student of the flow bean for fire magic sword to meet danda were getting themselves mercatus center fresh.
Naohni riding an elephant could do this, tasting the coconut.
Ah! Pretty good too ...
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