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Box complaints, compliments or complaints: Sorry but I have a complaint. A complaint to the mindles

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Box complaints, compliments or complaints: Sorry but I have a complaint. A complaint to the mindless, juvenile, hooded drivers who are bored in the evenings and spinning wheels literally and figuratively. Tuesday night, the parking lot in front of "merchant" mystic lake casino buffet two cars drove up. One stuffed półgłówkami in hoods, and the second well ... with dark windows. Both cars started driving around the parking lot, so for Heca, then stopped in the middle and the drivers went out for a chat. The sound on film attached hanging from car wheels. Any comments on the intellectual level drivers seem to be superfluous. Information sent our reader via the platform Complaints box Got a problem? Question? A complaint? Get the idea? Post!, please use the contact form or place your entry on our forum. Views: 4442 0:09, 05.05.2010 r.
Served 22:20, 04.05.2010 r. So what drove himself around with? Harm for someone to do? You can see that it is night and empty parking lot. People informers have not already what to do? : Laughing:: laughing:: laughing: "Every comment on the intellectual level drivers seem to be superfluous." And what is your gł mystic lake casino buffet write these grievances? What is going on 22:23, 04.05.2010 r. I feel sorry for these people every record such a thing and the strength they want to be famous .... I think to myself. Interfere with someone these 2 cars? He played with them, loud music? if anyone hurt? let them answer this film I did UTor now that name is boring !! and that mute women and how it is that betrays him! Watchman 22:26, 04.05.2010 r. Did you see? From the garbage sticking out something white. It's probably the pilot. Exactly what can be seen between 0:17 and 0:19, just you need to slow down to -4 ... Heh ... embarrassing video and embarrassing the applicant. It was easier not to call the police, since it was so annoying? This deserted parking mystic lake casino buffet lot. I think that the author filmiku lives in the corners. The pursuit of cheap sensation, and that's all. A climbing on this post overstates the statistics MO. Effect of 22:29, 04.05.2010 r. The defenders pseudoszpanerów better go to sleep. The same arrogance is gathered in front of Bill. Even the parking mystic lake casino buffet lot is a black piece of tire crooks. Vulgarity at full speed. Well, that's show and the brand. Dzarek :) 22:32, 04.05.2010 r. And what about you to informers zal Cie skiska for it !!! You'd probably wanted to just roam but you do not have a good Fury: laughing: buy yourself a scooter: tongue: informers do not lack only a little wine 22:33, 04.05.2010 r. I understand the author of the complaint ... he would prefer to enjoy drifting with smoking rubber and not so clumsy recycling and mulenie engine. mystic lake casino buffet Let's give him what he asks ... The loudest mystic lake casino buffet car to the square and riding Poland star: D: D: D: D :) 22:34, 04.05.2010 r. Tires are here to burn them: tongue: below :) 23: 13, 04.05.2010 r. You shot us :) congratulations, and what now? We were not doing anything like that ... just were looking for a free parking space. The next time cheers & Practice kizdelŚ <- below :) 23:16, 04.05.2010 r. Aaa and I asked movie with other cameras because of this is difficult to see ...:> hg 23:21, 04.05.2010 r. Gee, this August been turning. I piernicze. bad, ugly, sincere 23:37, 04.05.2010 r. and of what God ,,,, how społeczniaczek all must criticize publicly: angry: marcin 23:53, 04.05.2010 mystic lake casino buffet r. I think youtube no longer accept any films with minor suddenly on another portal site they found themselves (alone / and they promote) .... And so in general I do not understand the author / ki textu. Surely the boys nor swear, or not fight, do not scrape or tires. mystic lake casino buffet So much of himself and herds kolko did this affair? Maybe you leave the camera on Goworowska toward the hospital, or to Pope John Paul and will stay there complain, because there more such hooded beats records 4 or on 2 wheels. And so suddenly the Merchant some black, 15-year-old corpse pulled in 10 thousand and immediately affair .... Besides, what's praise and promote cutting and angry young sides in the debate mystic lake casino buffet in Altach! Just do not pay attention to them, and then will move into their own hand in the cattle chase their BRYKACH coming across the Oder River or from Lithuania. :( sorry for 1:25, 05.05.2010 r. I feel sorry for those people looking for sensationalism and all have a grudge because of the shoe wear, but I do not support those of kids who think they're cool because they have a car for 50 thousand just a pity that because daddy's money none of them alone in his car not earned: angry: the empty wenches and make it stick to them: angry: (elite hahaha) I recommend Ken and Barbie note is perhaps best reflected their Kamil 1:42, 05.05.2010 r. People here As for the stupidity of those people who drive in circles. Think what the world would be so stupid if we all drove around in circles. After all, it is perhaps abnormal. I know I did not do anything to anyone - but zachowująsie as children, or anyone niepełnoumysłowy who walks in circles (in this case goes in a circle) Ross 5:22, 05.05.2010 r. My stupid dog as he snubbed the lid is also running in circles. Moz

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