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Hi friends, I have prepared my dinner early and I photographed here because of a public holiday moh

Hi friends, I have prepared my dinner early and I photographed here because of a public holiday mohoni and I am publishing today to present mohoni to you the right sicag the sicag. That usually happens in the air today holiday here, off and cool. But not the rain from God. Well, as it does not want the outside of the exit of humanitarian thug so I say good for her, I spend the evening with my entire family. The food at this day I bought broccoli KULLANDIGIM mohoni Thursday night of the week, our trip together also enters these vegetables is that I am today He summed it immediately breaks down. Yesterday, I was prepared to be in my field this year he bought the turkey meat and vegetable side dish, but does describe the first grate. Elda very sevgig of my daughter on the vegetables, even when preparing meals hasladig I'm more of a rebel than broccoli was Çaktırma without mercy in eating fruits and vegetables is already loves. Potato and broccoli gratin Ingredients: - 500 g broccoli mohoni - 8 one medium potato - 400 ml of liquid cream (2 boxes) - 400 ml milk - 1 heaped tbsp starch - salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and Tuzot - grated mozzarella is made of: 1. First I temizledig and dogradig my broccoli and potatoes I boil a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes, or the so-called German blanche (blanchieren) I have. This processing before mohoni I started and I finished the first broccoli with potatoes and I got them on the filter aside. 2. filtrate vegetables potatoes first oven and then to vessel placed pozisyonlandirip mohoni the interim broccoli. 3. A pan boil the cream and milk bought my first, mohoni and a number of other starch in a small bowl on a beautifully I Melt with cold water and I got it aside. Wire whisk with my mix liquid spilled on this kind of mixture of starch and threw cold yet I'm letting you set the other spices and salt. Pistikc getting dark you need you to adjust the consistency of this sauce bunn your own taste buds. What I did too dark nor too watery, but it still has to be a structure that fluid. 4. The sauce is cooked in such a way as I pour this sauce over the vegetables and I sprinkle each side would render it safe and 180 degrees mohoni on I flounder over the agar in the oven until golden brown. Already vegetables are also on the cigar or not the time do not charge more than the nasty. I'm keeping a little more I get withdrawal after exiting the oven a little sauce and thickness as he happens to give more beautiful. Enjoy it and now I shall continue with other recipes soon !!!
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