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Subject: Re: My transfer standards a hundred years ago, to wit always about 2 kg cr during the

Subject: Re: My transfer standards a hundred years ago, to wit always about 2 kg cr during the wek turtle watching and Denmark COG what the film from the cartridge. Em wit eats them by eye wit op Ol hours. shopping a la carte Then do not you wit em !!! He does not like that those gn a radiant é, but frail and without flavor bed in additional type of coffee, hazelnut, cocoa, etc. I can not convince Æ wit my desired ones, f e a a e w s f wit of the mouth 10 or 20 hard candy, shopping a la carte the taste is grander than that on one. Ś ę with ice cream yellow wki (to wit communism and for the 12% S Will thermized cream - my favorite, now it already be there) likes to wit em to bed Pierog in Ruthenian, but those that do wit and my mother, and then my desired it. Here, Ne is important Know How. Can I own a wit perform æ, but I SIU simply do not want to work Æ over eating, but what is in the shops, this parody Pierog bed in Ruthenian. Yuck !!! Strawberries likes é, but on p p OL OL with powdered sugar. I do not eat, because with them is too much west. You need to sellers C with a wit ubianki, then p wit uka æ, then detaches Æ tails - a nightmare! Waiting: You can e f f yet for my life coming up: S L What are the synthetic strawberries in tubes or in the block immediately chilled dos wit and so on. He loves wit em strawberries with sweet cream, but are this COG cream wit and had to be Æ very rare and tamped at p p OL OL with sugar. shopping a la carte In the past five wit em wit eye glasses Neska 10 Gold per day and to any desired dej giveth 7 macaques wit em wit y f sticks of sugar, but not like the Barbie dolls, only the classic, shopping a la carte big f s f s wit sticks. When sugar to wit on cards, we fetched him via Anchor or Full wex. Yesterday a friend of the lady with Ś l ska (kt yellow ra aperture shopping a la carte wit and wit and my book until k ę Dr. Kwa COG Nevsky and urges wit and to read, but immediately give wit em Lidia j) talks wit and by two hours incessantly about how great it may be desired to SIU from the desired ywia C by d r. Kwa COG Nevsky. Buys pork loin, roast it for hours ę with sweet plums, wit dition are doing with tomato shopping a la carte ę ó in, etc. Because f e, is already be better to die immediately æ, that the SIU would not m E Is the case! I got a bed in the dinner after ś wi ę of C daily maximum of 10 minutes, together with the preparation, eating and washing up after themselves. Besides, he does not suffer ę loin. Cola Unable to because it contains phosphates. Damn. It's not for me. I can not wi ę ę Æ ball toward the greatest drink into the whole history of COG across the world, it can not ę ó SC finest hamburger in McRoyal !!! I have them Sc nasty pork loin with sweet plums, and from this apparently even my prostate to shrink 20%. Damnation !!! If COG COG If someone gives SIU psychotherapist on the principle of complete dependence shopping a la carte pressure f ... This does nothing ę can imagine æ, you can e therefore, desired shopping a la carte that knows wit em a few psychotherapist in bed, and I can rather their wit em f dependent than C since myself, no, but I was not wit their patient. shopping a la carte M ó her son, B S c after pr ó ó o.g. current jczej in 1979, psychoanalyst patient so manipulated wit, f f complained that the SIU s wit even at a colleague on the profession, kt yellow rice, in turn, to wit my buddy. Complete dependence desired pressure? Ch believe shopping a la carte ę cuts é, but I do not understand. Pi ę beautifully greet
What You held until the end of the day? if so, congratulations, if not, what is there life too short to deny yourself sweets. I still have the penalty shopping a la carte for yesterday and dry bread and water, and should be roots and water Delete
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