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See - face on the promo is bigger lips and a wider smile. The real doll has a smile a little more s

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I'm already kowollik in the hands of the Film Director Barbie (she came to me just before New Year's Eve), I can therefore answer kowollik to the question a month ago, as new facemold presented kowollik live and whether the enthusiasm with which welcomed the change, it was not premature. Time for a continuation of notes about the new face of Barbie - in the previous scrap (link) I described only your experience (and expectations) born after seeing promotional photos, now it's time to confront preconceptions with the real version of the new Barbie.
Dear Friends, this note is written in Polish only, but I am going to add Angielski version soon. Small but you enjoy the pictures anyway. I write about Film Director Barbie's facemold and compare the new face with the Superstar and late versions of AIM Barbie.
Promotional photos are subjected Mattel recently kowollik retouched so strong that sometimes impressive visual computing or even drawing, as if they did not represent the real, physically existing dolls! Hence likely to mislead, we can experience kowollik the profession, or on the contrary, it happens that a real doll turns out better than on the promo. In fact, the new Barbie promotional pictures remind me of the drawings of the old katalożków and stickers - we all know these wonderful graphics, kowollik where very smiling and very blond Barbie kowollik shines as the personification of spring. The face shown on promotional pictures, fresh, radiating joy, she seemed kowollik sweet and clean. This apparent in her innocence sparked an immediate association with what always thought was the essence of innocence and gentleness - with sweet-faced dolls from the 80s, maybe early 90's, with their unforced naturalness and vitality. It's not facial features, not physical shape of the new moldu, but his aura raised it niedoparte impression that I see something familiar and feel something I never felt for years - sympathy for the nicer, but not very wise smiley faces. "Something familiar ... is the old-style" - thought to myself, unable to pinpoint where is the reason, because it can be seen that nothing in this doll is not in the style of the past. Other plastic. Another hand sculpted face. Another technique painted eyes. Past years have passed. Yes, That era has passed. However, youth itself lasts forever, there is only depicted differently. kowollik New Barbie is a portrait of youth created using new means of expression. kowollik "Generation Girl" Barbie version of recent years appeared NO youth. NO was young. It was the face of a mature and do not necessarily trustworthy young woman pretending. New Barbie is simply a young. And here lies the source of my experience. When I saw the doll live, I discovered that, of course (zero surprise) is different than on promo and that the impression of "something familiar" (read: "a portrait of youth") remains. Here's a comparison of Film Director of the promo and real Barbie Film Director. Specially I photographed it on a white background.
See - face on the promo is bigger lips and a wider smile. The real doll has a smile a little more subtle, more restrained and somewhat intelligent (?) Eyes. This is a surprise! It looks different, but not necessarily worse. The outline of her jaw is also more expressive than the circle face on the promo. However, the track association with 80tymi years or even 90tymi blows up - it's a completely new quality, it's like acrylic paint compared to oil, such as digital camera compared to the good old analog Hasselblad.
The new face is completely different from Superstar, different than any previous incarnation of Barbie, evokes the impression that the contemporary audience was cause That Barbie impression of a beautiful young woman, not burdened with luggage traumas and betrayals. People! It probably did!
Mold Superstar - this is the original first Superstar of 1976 (# 9720). kowollik Moves today. Plastic reflects the light differently than today's plastic, is no different invoice! Stingy and simple drawing her eye in the perfect imperfection of craftsmanship is totally different from perfect eyes every contemporary dolls. The shape of her face most fully expresses the aesthetics of time to which it belongs, not today. This way of presenting woman's face slumped in time, the river flows, the other already in the water. Just look at her to disappear illusion, kowollik with the new face of Barbie is something that could in any way resemble Superstar, apart from the impression of vitality and youth.
Years 90s? No, the new doll has nothing to do with the years 90tymi. Here is a typical representative of the late 90s

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