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"Awaken the noble inspiration body invite to clear your mind of vegetarian cuisine and natural foods are in therapy" - Lecture: "food of the soul," the authors yidogyeong teachers (SM Vegetarian Buffet cooked before mounting) ~~ You know you Jewel? We called him Chef of the equation rather than call it, because He is due hayeotgi heal the body and mind through the coordination of cooking and lifestyle. Not just cooking to keep pace with the flow of time, we are planning to participation sludge teaching to become a true expression. After this process, the birth of the true way to please the wise wife, wise mother, and hope that the chamber was born as a new family tecfrigo doctor. * Lecture (Vegetarian cooking / diet / natural hygiene / Han theory) 1, prevention of illnesses and to improve the natural cure and diet 2, the body, the mind and meditation to peacefully exercise 3, the cuisine and cooking in case of critical sense Point (principles of Yin-Yang and the five elements type) 4, improved lifestyle, and, over the nature of the Measure 5 children, vegetarian, reproduction, temple cuisine, cooking demonstrations natural foods: tecfrigo soy protein dishes, vegetarian sauce, steamed pumpkin, hemp hot water, horse radish, tops Duke, grilled shiitake rice, mushroom abalone mushroom pickle, agar suyuk, before the autumnal lotus root, germ juice, salad, tofu cake, tomato soup, ....... * Lecture hours: tecfrigo Mornings (at 10-1), Afternoon ( 2-5 hour), timing from the Evening (7-10) * Prices: July 20 million (including material cost) - 3-month course / weekly cooking two kinds of practical and theoretical lectures * Advanced level are further notice tecfrigo * Contact: yidogyeong (019-527-3587) * Place: Foy Elementary School main entrance (5 Yangjae Station, Exit No. 02 town bus ride the school bus stop 5 minutes from the main entrance) ~~ in Europe and is now an accredited certification of dietary Instructor, recovery and prevention of disease after a medical dimension In iteupnida play an important role. As these activities are much reduced expenditure was'll tecfrigo also gagyebi burden, the disease is also a situation where a large part is prevention. Family health and happiness! It is ensured by our wisdom and sincerity.
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