Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Without him say, but I suspect that proizvoditlyat is the one who makes wafer Borovets - and she is

This post is out of the culinary taste of food and good taste in everything else, but here I will write not only beautiful and elegant things in style Elizabeth Gilbert and Carrie, and for those original, impulsive aspects of life that give rise macho home country.
Note the bright, aggressive design of the product, toni mahoni anaglyph portrait of a young football player, color combinations in two types of striped and one plain and three font (not counting the number of incidents) only on the front, toni mahoni all on original matte paper. To this unique symbiosis toni mahoni of various components of the packaging mix is achieved after drilling among thousands of users and aims to you scream: You're a man! Grab this wafer and will even man!
If you are a woman and you've accidentally purchased the product can not help but be melted before the charm of Mr. AyntsuTsvaytsuDran as chocolate satin coating of this wafer, which at the same time you make through shape Freudian suggestions for passionate toni mahoni nights shiny Mercedes and beautiful as ersons or Trifon men.
One can not assess the timeless charm of ersons Mr. Dates * Amam * th - the ultimate and primordial Batzeli - Baptist, sold more T-shirts and coupons bingo even by modern marketing icon Chegevara and original idea of the team of the manufacturer to be positioned in the niche market of 40 stotinki wafers through timeless and single Mr. Gaulle - Stojic-goal.
The suggestion is: you're a winner (or defeated, which is the dream of every woman in the country). And because I initially feel loser, going to buy a chocolate produced in one of those countries where cows are, but not football. And Ico Stoichkov do not have, but that's their problem.
Friday to Friday
40 cents, and from the buffet toni mahoni factory in Tarnovo. My manufacturer is completely unknown, is a local, I can see if there is a wafer here.
November 16, 2010 at 12:31
And did you notice the skillful combination of Bulgarian flag with blue and red lines reminiscent of FKBartselona? Has received something as a compromise between Gaudi architecture and Nikola Ficheto:-)
Without him say, but I suspect that proizvoditlyat is the one who makes wafer Borovets - and she is doing in this area;)
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