Sunday, March 29, 2015

Located in the streets of Hokkaido Toho canteen is reading a magazine before it is to go try a stor

Located in the streets of Hokkaido Toho canteen is reading a magazine before it is to go try a store. Known as its ingredients are imported from Hokkaido, so called Hokkaido canteen. Japanese-style appearance, I really miss the days that Kansai ran around to eat. Interior casino korona kranjska gora is not Japan Japanese seafood imported wine label. Thick Japanese flavor. Izakaya dishes are the same as the orientation with the decor. On the menu skewers, fried things, sushi and rice bowl of rice, side dishes and drinks, and everything. Baron regarded Japanese-style classic potato salad. In addition to the right of the potato taste, there is also a small slice of cucumber and bacon, onion, fresh flavor good appetizer. casino korona kranjska gora Fried small male fish. Very delicate casino korona kranjska gora taste. Eat Xixiangfeng kind of illusion. Scattered sushi. Ingredients mixed with a variety of seafood and sushi rice, you can eat fresh seafood draw. Add more soy sauce to taste. Zhaxuezaidan. This dish is placed in order to reduce the area in contact with the fried rice exudes moisture can keep clothes casino korona kranjska gora crisp surface. Rare in Taiwan, Japan, saw the cafeteria fried hole promoter. This rice taste very bad, very Japanese eat illusion. Hokkaido three shrimp sashimi. Sweet shrimp, shrimp grapes, peony shrimp. Who does not know what to eat the tail, but generally eat up and taste very good, very concentrated flavor of the sea, but sweet. Freshness hundred percent. Fried burdock. The two have been very nasty little burdock suddenly like this blindly up. Very crisp and very tasty fried burdock silk, fried shrimp also added together, casino korona kranjska gora the taste is like. Even dip sauce still keep the same crisp. Beef pot dish. Daisy I also liked their selected hot pot, there are a lot of surprises casino korona kranjska gora in it. This is a good piece of beef US oil slick. Pendulum was also beautiful. Speculation casino korona kranjska gora that US beef short ribs of beef, not frozen to the table when that kind of stiff. Good quality. Pot of soup is flavored bonito kelp, clear light seasoning but they can show off the original flavor of the ingredients, cook the soup more fragrant. Chicken cartilage rods, soft Salted chicken twist cock, originally thought it was eating meatball miles. I think about it, only to find ground meat also carries brittle shells cartilage. Taste good, attach Shichimi with mustard. Triton (?) Tsukudani. Sweet and salty cook very tasty. Conch taste good, too cold and let the ice, it is a product for the summer. Chicken casino korona kranjska gora Don Young. Worried that the kids do not eat again added a product. Juicy and no bones, and very like. Attach Shichimi with mayonnaise. (Sound Mystery: Why the Japanese want to eat fried chicken casino korona kranjska gora mayonnaise dip ah ???? Who can tell me ??) to turn over full Paipaipigu flash people casino korona kranjska gora want to go, there are desserts miles. Green tea ice cream, green tea flavor taste. Inside there is a very small balls of glutinous rice Q bombs, super taste. Taste is also very fragrant rice. Hokkaido canteen first visit very bad experience, it is for those who like Japanese style, Japanese ingredients of us.
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November 2014 two people traveling beech Peak Trail in September casino korona kranjska gora 2014 two people travel Day 3 North Gate Visitor Center / Camp A win under Pooh village / Miss Park / Arabic pig heart / Yucheng fruit shop September 2 2014 Personal Travel Day 3 Chiayi water sources meter room / rear wall Liu Jing Street / earthen trenches / North Gate of the sheets are / black foot disease in September 2014 Memorial Day 2 of two people traveling lotus Forest / Dexing waterfall / Moso bamboo casino korona kranjska gora forest of ancient Battlefield / small half bamboo rice / years Canyon / Grand Lake community / Canton head resting shrine / Chiayi Moon Shadow casino korona kranjska gora Tan Xin / forest song two people traveling in September 2014 Day 1 Guanyin algal reef / Kawasaki top shrine casino korona kranjska gora / Kawasaki top picture tunnel / Deer Valley shrines kiosk / Germany takes over the mountain monument / Tou air corridor / monster village in August 2014 Jiayi Nan cast Hanbi trip Day 4 trails / visitor center to the Hill / Xuanzang casino korona kranjska gora Temple / dark meat surface Jiayi Nan August 2014 trip to cast Day 3 Homeward tribal / plum DreamWorks / Second floor Popsicle / technology and very silent / Jiji Station / open-hung shortage / casual cafeteria / Skybridge casino korona kranjska gora / island era village in August 2014 voted 嘉义南 Road Trip Day 2 Te Fuye / deer Lin shenmu / Homeward Jigme August 2014 Lorna tribe voted Jiayi Nan trip Day 1 Danaiku / rose Lake / Angelica B & B in August 2014 voted Jiayi Nan trip Day 1 Chiayi Old Prison / Simon Presbyterian / July 2014 summer tour Basi Tour Day 3 Wufeng Asian University / Piece Home / BBCA heart lock bridge summer tour in July 2014 Day 3 Wufeng Lin Family Garden Park Miyaho first summer tour in July 2014 Day 3 General Sun Li-jen summer tour in July 2014 Memorial Day 2 red ghost steak / Miyahara ophthalmology summer tour in July 2014 Day 2 Yongji milkfish balls / Deyang ship / wool house / Pak temples / old by the duck rice

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