Monday, March 16, 2015

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Yesterday was held Rococo Meetup easyfairs second part, we had to gather in a single clock around Ikebukuro Closet Child. I'm late to put in their 50 minutes, as one of the new exchange student came to my door, and asked for help from the bank. After that I had to wait another 10 minutes to the train station, and then it will also Kotakemukaiharas your 5 minutes. When I finally arrived in Ikebukuro, you missed one central Matsuri us. So nice being late, but at least now I saw with my own eyes Alatri tassimise through the city away. So far I've seen pictures of such things only.
When I reached the end CC'sse looked quickly over the gothic-section, and we moved off to find something to eat. We went Shakey'sse, which was all you can eat buffet for 14. Very good the food was. I plan to in the future there with Sonja go out there and spend a couple of hours: D
Back to meetup'i: We ate his shakey hour and discussed the Tokyo foreign Lolita community's future. The plan is to make postcards, which would give an idea of our community, and to leave them Closet Child, etc. After that we went to Seibusse and other expensive department stores to buy snacks. Namely, we had planned to watch the movie Marie Antoinette evening, and just enjoy good company. In fact, it is a basic plan meetups xD. Seibu department easyfairs store was very, very expensive. Everything seemed to be in a very luxurious, but there were a lot of buyers.
When we got there we exited onto a startlingly situation. One of the salaryman reeled like the beginning of the stairs and fell into it, face the front, down the stairs. I had by this time reached the top of the stairs. So I did not see the demise of the most vicious. I only heard a crash and saw a man heads turning rolled down the stairs. I was afraid that he will not rise anymore, because the failure was still kinda tough. It seemed, however, that the man was healed. The blood was not, and he asked for supporters to apologize to those troublesome. Aviva man asked us after half-jokingly, whether salaryman saw us before the fall or not. I would hope, however, that he did not fail because of our D:
Race to the Aviva was pretty comical. We found a relatively old train, which was shaken quite a lot. Knowing the relationship between the Japanese and the train began to fly my imagination and imagine how we will drive over the dead bodies. Thus, it became a train corpsetrain 'iks christened: D Tokiwadais waited for a taxi and when one finally came, the driver turned out to be quite unpleasant. easyfairs He did not know how to deal with its navigation system was relatively old, and one tooth. The taxi driver was not strange attire gaijin ', aspirin, and not at all impressed with the whining almost the whole way. As the taxi was only four people in places, it was poor, according to Aviva bike ride.
The evening easyfairs itself became a very posh. We watched a movie and ate a good-better. Time flew, and soon it was time to drive home. We made one more group photos and we started to walk towards the train station. We managed to get a taxi back one. This time it was the head of a younger and very polite :) Ikebukuro reaching Sapphire easyfairs unfortunately had to hurry home. Iona and Alice went on to harass purikura machines. Nothing is complete without purikurata Meetup: D
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