Thursday, March 12, 2015

So - it was raining outside, the terminal of the airport delayed my coffee, and I was filled with l

In mid-June buffet lunch in kl the fall in Strasbourg he had not gone. And showed no signs that it intends to terminate the illegal and unsanctioned by the UN meteorological occupation of this city, who was appointed political capital buffet lunch in kl of Europe. But you probably need to imagine any serious buffet lunch in kl institutions amidst buffet lunch in kl eternal fall. EU history buffet lunch in kl might have been different buffet lunch in kl if the headquarters of the European Parliament was in Nice and not in Strasbourg. But obviously bureaucracy and summer do not love one another. Therefore must imagine Strasbourg summer fall as a special season, specially sent by the gods to European Union can still function. The rain, the wind, the clouds - all in Strasbourg buffet lunch in kl like melaholichen background novels Bogomil Raynov for toprazuznavacha Emil Boev. This bonus if weather was created especially for me, because izvanrdenoto journey to the land of the European Parliament sharply me out of my usual dress code, revolving mainly around the idea of a T-shirt and jeans (ie clothes that make it difficult to capture the audience stubborn weight gain, this culinary disaster which Jacques Pépin - dark is his name - never speaks) and I parked in a jacket, shirt, pants and tie. This combination of clothes would bring me heatstroke even 4:30 in the morning when I waved desperately a cab to take me to the airport. The coolest of all is that the driver took me to a big businessman, because all the time I spoke to you, greasy to me interrogating me for countries across Europe without seeing that agonized by the heat. Finally break your heart with his miserable perks that left him, but the roads are expensive in Europe, the crisis lurks around every corner, buffet lunch in kl and you never know when one will be faced with another idea right finance minister for the impoverishment of the population ...
Autumn began in Paris, where all journalistic powerful group dropped another flight to Strasbourg. Just airport "Charles de Gaulle" proved size probably Pazardzhik megastructure, architectural monster, with its own metro and bus, where the transition from terminal to terminal you can take an hour while not put him in time during which the piston in crowds or slowing down to not look suspicious in the eyes of the French soldiers who walk with machines in the airport and looking buffet lunch in kl suspicious passenger. buffet lunch in kl
So after the aircraft had dropped as financial rescue tranche of a troubled country, I decided to look around the airport and to drink coffee, to ask the atmosphere not only visually, but also body. And here immediately came culture shock.
As a typical Bulgarian I always expect in any other country to live better than my own. But it turned out that the French are slow, lazy and slow. Which, if you read the text to the end, you will see that it is not an insult, buffet lunch in kl just finding. In one place in France you can not wait about half an hour before one of the waiters come to serve you. Also quite common picture to see uncleared tables even in the most elite restaurants. French just do not rush miserable, buffet lunch in kl which is in stark contrast to the constant awe us a picture of the western world that all skaskvali slog from fraying and four pairs of shoes a day.
Only "Charles de Gaulle" I get slight amazement of a French journalist from "L'Humanite" whom I met in Gabrovo. A peculiar mix of Russian and English (this was the way of communication between us, but it was enough to understand that we are both for world revolution), he said he was impressed by the speed with which the waitress changed brandies and salads on the table and even said that his wife can not achieve buffet lunch in kl such speed, even when her guests is full of eager communists who have gathered to spit Sarkozy (this was the era before Hollande became president).
So - it was raining outside, the terminal of the airport delayed my coffee, and I was filled with legitimate pride of a man who has found an attractive economic quality of their country. Then pissed, because I found that actually prefer waiters in Bulgaria are well paid and slower than underpaid and fast. Otherwise buffet lunch in kl everything airport told unattainable standard for average American. Prices Kurt teeth. I found a cafe for three euros and passing lucky, although three sips in my glass did not seem like something worth 6 lev. I swallowed it and proudly displayed. I liked.
Drizzling slightly, the sky was gray and Strasbourg in the distance like a surreal vision and beautiful dream. Suddenly I felt comfortable in his jacket, I felt that the universe is ordered so that it does not look very ridiculous sweating and felt ready to see the real France, this France, but always present only as a boat trip on background of the song "L`ete indien" of Joe Dassin.

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