Monday, March 16, 2015

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Yo shi bass at about 10 minutes from Otaru Station, Otaru Canal on the way to the final, but I did not ask, because the young girl later told the guests did not go What is food, I think she did not put the guests doubt in mind it = =;

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[Fukui food] Taniguchi House There Takeda Young げ oil. Japan's only deep-fried tofu restaurant [Fukui accommodation] Tsuruga Nagano Bed and Breakfast. Experience Japanese life [Fukui Attractions] There in Echizen and paper. Handmade Japanese Paper [Fukui marienhöhe darmstadt Attractions] There in Echizen and paper. And paper staff person. iBeacon foreign trips early experience Fukui (Fukui holds center have ni tsu ア have). Fukui to play! [Hokkaido Attractions] Sapporo Beer Factory (Sapporo Beer) see school. New Chitose Airport stand a good place [Hokkaido] to keep her in-laws. Misaki flower crab super delicious! ! [Hokkaido Attractions] Abashiri ice icebreaker Aurora Aurora & Lake Kussharo soup Shiratori marienhöhe darmstadt sand flying to [Hokkaido Attractions] Road Higashino pay peninsula. Russia wild animals overlooking [Hokkaido accommodation] Photonics Ester gu Rei an have su Sapporo (Hotel Gracery Sapporo) [Hokkaido cuisine] Otaru Sushi at yo shi (YOSHI) marienhöhe darmstadt Sushi Seafood Shoppes enumeration [Hokkaido Attractions] Otaru Picnic. Otaru Canal aboard cruise ships [Hokkaido Attractions] Otaru Picnic. Music Box Hall & super perverted mascot [Kagawa cuisine] Takamatsu marienhöhe darmstadt Kitahama ally. Watts cho Izakaya Kai Feng fast Mostly to 鶏 Um Bar Mar [Kagawa marienhöhe darmstadt attractions] Setouchi Shodoshima driving tour around the island art [Kagawa marienhöhe darmstadt cuisine] Shodoshima Zhong Saemon Cafe tasting olive good taste [Kagawa attractions] Setouchi Shodoshima driving tour around the island art [Kagawa cuisine] Kagawa style okonomiyaki fu mi-ya (Fumiya) [Kagawa cuisine] bone paid bird cozy pub "blue pill" & chain "Yihe" [Kagawa attractions] Kotohira ko To industrialization ra gu u (Kotohira Palace) homage. 1368 European tour to climb the ladder layer (1) Czech Republic (20)
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