Monday, March 9, 2015

Really say Philip Seymour caseys buffet Hoffman. Normally confined to annoy people who used his fat

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March 9, 2015
Who overcome fear can overcome anything, says Philip Seymour Hoffman, the actor who left us a few days ago. For many, it was one of the most talented in the world cinema and theater. Not many, however, who know his remarkable intelligence and sense of humor. Killed him drugs. Remained his roles. And the rules of life that he compositions. I must have some wrong actor. caseys buffet Even still do not know which is more difficult: to say "yes" or to say "no."
I have never made that someday will make a film. I always thought that half my time will be spent making sandwiches caseys buffet in a cheap buffet and then marry a fat fool with pendulous breasts.
I became an actor by accident. Dealing seriously with the fight, but I got an injury in the neck and the fight is over. Already thinking of going into baseball, but suddenly fell in love with a girl. Had to win something unusual, attractive and then I said: "You caseys buffet can become caseys buffet an actor?" I remember one night I asked God: "Lord, can you send baseball fuck him? So much I love her. " I did not hear the answer, caseys buffet but judging by subsequent events, he said "yes."
Really say Philip Seymour caseys buffet Hoffman. Normally confined to annoy people who used his father's name, I think many pretetsiozno. But my case is different. Just when I was in the cinema, there was already an actor named Philip Seymour Hoffman and Philip caseys buffet two Hofmanovtsi already Trdat much. So I had to add Seymour.
Many people behind me call me fat. Others say that I plug. Some write that my face is like dough, and my hair - straw. But you should know that I'm cool dude. Only that no one came up to me describe from privlekatelata country. Still wait and wait for someone yet to admit that I'm cute. Or interesting. However, all silent hell. On the other hand, I'm grateful that you still have not called me fat dirty pig.
I really very much wanted to play in "The Big Lebowski", but before long I thought: damn it, it's still Coens and can not happen. I decided to go ahead and do something really weird to impress them. Casting began to scream, to skip like crazy. And then they laughed at it so hard that I think is strange how never exploded with laughter. I still remember that I looked at them and thought, "Fuck role. At least them laugh - and this is not little. "
For a long time the main achievement in my life was when once, many years ago, a clean pool of money, saw Miles Davis (famous caseys buffet American jazz musician, - Esquire). Then I thought: "More will happen to me nothing greater than that. In fact so it was. "
For the first time began to recognize me on the street when I was 29 years old. People were looking at me, watched my every action and it was a real shock. I felt like I was without one hand - so I was uncomfortable.
Today, when people stare at me in the street or in the cafeteria, I think, I have become recognizable and not look at me because my beard is wise part of lunch or something worse. Very afraid but someday not against me stared a man, which I smile like an old friend, and indeed of my beard sticking a leaf of lettuce.
I want to participate in a film about fear. Look around and you will see that the entire planet is woven from nervousness. People are scared. They live in fear every day, fear of death, poverty and constantly plagued by petty concerns. Wonderful theme for a movie, right?
Now I'm 42 years old and my parents are both alive. In almost every interview they ask me: "How do you deal with life, you have two elderly parents?". caseys buffet Stupid question. Why nobody asks parents about how children live with aging.
People are starting to age a certain point. When you pass forty, suddenly you realize that your body begins to change, modify, and you yourself. These changes they kill. Everyone starts looking for answers. My answer is - children. When they appeared in my life, created caseys buffet many problems that my personal ones dissolved into theirs.
I do not like when in the midst of filming someone comes and asks: "Is not it cruel?" I always answer: "Nonsense, nothing caseys buffet is cruel." Do you know what is cruel? When everything is already over. Work, I think, is done when all shook hands and

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