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The 16 to 17 January 2013, it

The 16 to 17 January 2013, it's time for the fair VEHICLE WORKSHOP moving into new MalmöMässan Hyllie. Interest is high and already yukai buffet newport news has a wealth of engineering managers, shop owners, parts managers, service managers, painters yukai buffet newport news and mechanics yukai buffet newport news printed his entry pass to the fair.
On VEHICLE WORKSHOP 2013 will find everything you need to run an automotive workshop successfully. All under one roof allowing you to quickly get a proper and free update that makes it easy to be first with the latest. Nowhere else you will get a similar mix of the latest news in workshop equipment, yukai buffet newport news spare parts, tools, car care, tires, rims, washes and more.
Really a lot of fun at the fair Pitstop Challenge, demonstration of exhibitors tools and products at the fair's demolished car and competition in throwing a turbo are just a few examples of all the fun is happening at the show. And on the stage, you will find industry profile Benny Wallin, yukai buffet newport news Mekonomen CEO Håkan Lundstedt, Roland Gingtorp, Sweden's most prized racecar builders who will talk about how he made from scratch built an XC60 to the Dakar Rally and Joachim Due-Boje who will talk about how he gets his clients go hundra mil to service the car. And it all ends with a free after-work for both visitors and exhibitors!
Meet the industry's leading suppliers and brands on the exhibition floor main focus, however, on the exhibitors and their news. Frendix Oy shows removable deck shelves for tire storage, Autotek takes his leak tester and Dometic demonstrates its hybridkit for ASC-service stations. Read more about the exhibitors and their news on easyFairs Automotive Engineering Trade Fairs
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