Friday, October 17, 2014

7. Summer Catechetical Class 2014 It was a yearly activity of mine since then I joined Volcat. Thi

1. Reunited with the Aliens. We had this reunion like this year though we re not complete we still enjoy the mood and the vibes. It was completely awesome to be with those amazing people again. We enjoyed swimming, chitchatting, playing games and reminiscing the past. It was an awesome idea that we had that. We have the time to bond to each other. Aliens Foreverrrrr!!!
2. Volunteer Catechist Summer Formation Seriously, at first I really don t want to attend cause first I m the only third year, second I can t stand alone, and lastly I m shy. Lol. Yes srsly I m shy. Hihihi. The said Volcat Seminar was held in CHST-Ftan. It was really new to me I mean that time all is new to me. We all have the chance to join in the said seminar. It was really fun and new experience for us. We learn so much things for one week though sometimes we got in trouble. Hohoho! This is also the way why we got to close to the other youth in the parish and also in the diocese.
3. Met New Friends in Volcat Seminar Yes, I met new friends through that Volcat Seminar. One of them is my classmate in the seminar. She is also alone so I talked to her, at first her companion is the one I talked to but then days past we are the only one left in front seats so we talked to each other. We shared little things like crush crush you know.. girls thing. Btw I thought she s older than me but then again I was wrong I m older than her. Ghaddd!! I hate my height. Lol. K. So yeah I got to meet some other friends pa. I also bumped into my schoolmates, some are my classmates in my past years. So yeah my friendliness challenged me that time. Thanks to my confidence and mood. Loooool.
4. Holy Week Some of our relatives from Italy came home. So I spend my Holy week still at home and at the Church. I spend Holy Monday at home. Holy Tuesday we are the ones who need to sing in the Pabasa the whole midnight. Then came Holy Wednesday, we had our Send-off being a Volcat then Lenten Recollection. I didn t attend Recollection because I felt sick that time. Maundy Thursday, my family have this yearly devotion to have a Visita Iglesia but this time I didn t join them instead I joined to other youth. We got to visit 9 churches and then the last was our parish. Then Good Friday, we attended Station of the cross. It was tiring but I felt blessed after then we had mass in the afternoon and then procession. Ohh and Salibatbat never leave. -_- We had Easter Vigil on Black Saturday then Easter Sunday on Sunday. I felt really blessed that holy week though I didn t have the chance to confess.
5. Re-echo and Demo After having the Volcat Seminar we, all of us attended the seminar needed to have a re-echo and demo. At first the three who is having their apostolate in our parish is the one who started the re-echo and then the rest, not all of us had our re-echo. The topic I got is the 7 sacraments I discussed it together with Paul. Then we had our lunch in the LA (lalam akasya XD) Boodle Fight again. It was nice to share the learnings you learned to others super buffet dupont wa who didn t have the chance to join.
6. Congratulations Sisssssssy I was really super buffet dupont wa proud of my sister also for my parents because finally super buffet dupont wa one of us finishes schooling and reached her dreams. At first I really can t believe that she is finally graduating. At last she can do whatever she wants, she is now living the real world. Congrats ate Maine!!! I m so proud of you. (Hindi lang talaga halata. Hihihi!!!) Laaaav yeww.
7. Summer Catechetical Class 2014 It was a yearly activity of mine since then I joined Volcat. This is always the climax of my summer. Where you can feel and get all emotions and feelings in life. This is not an easy activity because you are to teach small minds about God. You need to wake up early so you can go to other barangays. Even though the kids in that barangay didn t even took a bath before going in their chapel, super buffet dupont wa we still need to teach them. (Tiis ganda. Lol) Sometimes there are snacks given to us but most of the time we are the ones buying for it, also our pamasahe. :3 After going to other barangay we always had our lunch at Mhat s crib. After that we go to our chapel directly to teach other kids there. After everything we will not go home already we make sure that we bond to each other even just for a minute, we play volleyball, eat miryenda, chitchatting and sometimes muritan. It was fun, tiring, fruitful, blessed, and successful one. You just need to enjoy what you are doing. super buffet dupont wa Not only the children is the one learning you are also learning from them.
8. Gift Giving for the indigent Every Christmas we are doing this activity but then Lola Tita who is the one helping and pursuing us youth to continue what we ve started, insist that she needs help in reaching for others especially the poor ones. So us youth help her to give gift to those poor in our barangay. After having our daily routine as a Catechist we went directly to their house to pack all the goo

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