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Ryan Sandes flying buffet by the players called the

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As already in the company of runners flying buffet use the word trail, the sentences are divided image. Hi winces with a grimace at the thought of running in the mud, but more and more of the runners burns to trailu great love. The year 2011, however, a great boom in the subject trailu. Slogan says the trial begins where the asphalt ends.
Distance as a classic running is diverse flying buffet but the load to the muscles on Trial is 30% higher. Prior to the course it is not, ask why I'm doing it! Just what to do to run this complete!?!
I watched as my son jumping in the "monkey grove" on the playground when the phone rang, the organizers have a place for me in the marathon in South Africa. I heard that the route is a bit like running through the woods. Remember how as a child were running through the woods in the mountains heard in the handset. A week before the competition was the sixteenth time in the mountain 1:23 marathon around Lake Tegernsee, this gave me hope that in South Africa after 4 hours also will be in "buffet" ...
Tsitsikama National Park is a 10-hour flight by plane from Munich. Years there, among others, AIR Berlin. I flew through Dubai and in order was after 28 hours. flying buffet Pierce visa at the airport and get the necessary forms on the plane.
When I arrived everyone was talking only about the weather. It will be sunny we run with the belt, it will rain with a backpack. I had to make the equipment because the organizers are ruthless! Fortunately, before the marathon you can still buy, just that I ran to buy a whistle and a film! Everything will then photographed by the organizers, if the player does not have that when wbiegnięcia on the finish line, followed by disqualification!
Over the ocean, in Nature's Valley is the "pub" with a view of the ocean and a small shop. Super deal! Beer costs 20 Ran equivalent to 8 gold. With the "pub" is a tree where the runners hang old shoes !!! I'm going to the pub, I say a ran Comrades, flying buffet I ask if they know who I am your Janicki! South Africa is grilled meat, beer and good wine. When I resisted to leave the pub and go to the "Briefing" I heard come because Mark Collins will speak on how to survive the 42 km and do not break your neck!
The Otter Trail is a marathon flying buffet event where the elements of the course combine to climb on the scales. The Otter Run is played in the Tsitsikamma National Park, 500 miles east of Cape Town on the Indian flying buffet Ocean. From the airport in George you still have two hours to drive ..
Tsitsikama National Park was established in 1964 and is part of the Garden Route. It lies between Nature's Valley and the mouth of Strom River. The mascot of the tourist trail as well as the marathon are Dassies. These critters like groundhogs.
Route run The Otter African Trail Run is a 5 day hiking trail through a closed National Park. To overcome the normal flying buffet tourist trail needs 5 days. Because of that it is a protected National Park on route moving day, only a group of 12 people from a specially trained guide. Thanks to this flora on the trail remains intact and the route itself flying buffet is not very visible. The same train on the route is impossible, being there without permission punished.
On the first day after breakfast riders can pick up a chip and specially prepared for this race shirt (160 gold) or starting numbers (in the entry fee) after May 6 hours to "remove" the best time for the prologue. The prologue begins at the beach, a mile across the sand and then runs up to a height of 120 meters into the air, fugitive down and the wet cliff to the finish. flying buffet
Ryan Sandes flying buffet by the players called the "Boss" or and "hedgie", born 10 March 1982 in Cape Town. This is one of the best trailowców world. Runs in Team Salomon. Won this year's flying buffet Leadville 100 and the 4 Deserts Series. During the summer he was in Europe, flying buffet but the star is in South Africa. He just won the prologue and I lived with him in "Race Village" at the end of the world. (Say from South Africa is the most beautiful corners of the world)
Running is played in 2 formulas .. The first is a race "elite" Trail Run with a time limit: 8 hours of big financial rewards, and two days later for each ie :. "Rambo" Otter Rumble with a time limit of 12 hours. flying buffet (In 2011 abandoned due to rain and excessive water levels in rivers)
The competition is played without outside help .. Runner on the route is're on your own. The player must take on the same route with adequate food, water, first aid kit, whistle, phone, jacket against the rain and chilling films limiting the body.
If "decant" the weather forecast list extends to a medium-sized backpack. A player may withdraw from the race only on the point of measurement of time. Organisation

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