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Based from my observation, these people are mostly engaged primarily farming define a la carte and f

As a Tarlaqueno, often wonder if we have distinct characteristics like the other cultural groups in the Philppines. We all know that Tarlac borders Pampanga to the south, Nueva Ecija to the east, Pangasinan to the north and Zambales to west and that placed into the conclusion that Taralc is composed define a la carte of different ethno-linguistic groups but also brought me to the confusion of who dominates it.
With my 20 years of loving in this place, I have observed the different personalities and characteristics of the people around me and most of the are Kapampangas and although this group of people are generally alleged to be maporna and mayabang by most individual, they are very hospitable when it comes to welcoming visitors . I have witnessed how they treat guests; define a la carte they gice and offer anything just to make them happy and satisfied. Not just that, Kapampangans are also known on their cuisine, they are good cooks as they say and some of their popular dishes are sisig, kare-kare, and tocino. Other than that, I have also learned that these folks hace their traditions and practices that have been practiced now a days, I have studied that some Kapampangans define a la carte still follow the Baptismal Rites wherein they place the baptismal dress of a baby in their living room to serve as a token and decoration. Just like other Filipinos, define a la carte Kapampangans are also particular when it comes to courtship and marriage. They believe that the most dominant define a la carte form of courtship now is what they call pamanhika . Where the male, with the consent of the parents, visits the girl in the latter;s house and when the agreement is reached bbetween the boy and the girl, the ceremony for marriage is decided and settled. At present, pamanhikan is boy discuss with their balae (parent of the bride-to-be) regarding define a la carte the marriage plans of the children. Another custom that this group of people define a la carte loved ones who passed away. In the wake or lamay: of the deaths which usually lasts for at least three days and two nights after which everyone partakes in the entombment or libing . As part of the customary, vigil is observed until the ninth day after he death of deceased or what they call pasiyam . The on the first death anniversary, lukas paldas (literally removing of the dress for mourning) is practiced with the pangadi (prayers observance) which is an important part of the ritual, and of course the tradition is incomplete without the splendid meal. With regard to their belief, the Kapampangan remain to be devout Roman Catholics and this was deeply define a la carte proved b their religious festivals display like their celebration of mal ay Aldo or Holy week which includes the chanting of the story of Christ s suffering in an old Kapampangan languades known as pasyon . Moreover, this celevration customarily highlights the procession of the salibatbat who penitents themselves as a self-flagellation.
Based from my observation, these people are mostly engaged primarily farming define a la carte and fishing which pyt me into conclusion of why they are characterized as being hardworking and gruel, and that beause they focused more on works and only spends on the necessities rather than on ostentatious define a la carte material possession. But just like the Kapampangans, Ilocanos also have multiple beliefs and practices. They have a traditional belief about pregnancy and one of these is, if the mother wants her child likely to become a musician, she must be fond of reading define a la carte music books. If a mother gives birth to a baby with physical defects, the kayyanak (newborn) is given a hair washing rite managed over by a folk healer and if the defect is not healed, the family accepts define a la carte the bay s condition and views it as a sign of good luck. In line with the courtship and marriage, they believe that matrimonial is considered define a la carte a sacred partnership which lasts until the death of either partner. define a la carte Based from what I have read and studied, if couple decides to marry, the boy then tells the parents of the girl about their plans known as the panagpudno . The approval is required from the parents of the boy since they usually spend for the wedding. They are also the ones who provide the dowry or sab-ong to gice the couple define a la carte something to start up with their married life which may comprise a piece of land or enough money to by some land. If both families agree, the wedding date is then set either by consulting the planetano (an almanac which lists all good or bad days for all activitie), or by communicating through the billeta , a letter sent from the boy to the girl by masseger. The response is also sent through the same messenger. As a rule, all Illocanos wedding must be held. These are the atang , a gift given to the spirits of the dead kinsmen and posing and mangatogangan whereby the groom turns over his personal belongings to the bride. Another is their belief about death. Ilocano believed that gasat or fate defines their life on earth. They assume death as a means of fulfilment of destiny, the unavoidable. That is

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