Saturday, October 11, 2014

But when I opened saladbar kabadingan world, alas! Super puerto-gaylera turned out to be every Lent

One of the most-awaited holidays in the calendar the "Semana Santa" season second to Christmas. For us working here in Cayman, this is the time when you plan on going somewhere off the island since we have 4 days to Spend (no Maundy Thursday but we have an Easter Monday)
During my cleanness nuestra Senora de bait-polished baitan days, I'm excited when Holy Week for the Catholic traditions at the same time somewhat imbyerna for extension, what pauso of thudercats.
When you come to the Thursday-Spirit, dizzz izzz it !!! start of the bullshit and Anik-Anik to pautot. Almost all have a 7am wake magbabarkada or 8 am to witness the kadramahan of "salibatbat" or the nagpepenitensya.
Now pretty colorful and individually to design a itatakip to face, but there is Uniformity During that time the nagpepenitence (my blog! Word I!) Wearing saladbar them itin stockings with matching leaves in the head or sometimes ung pamparegla plants that counter in Quiapo, crown of thorns, they suppose.
Told us of the grandmother, when we natalamsikan daw their blood, sin goes ung us (kaloka !!!) so badets screaming and nagtatakbuhan when relatively strong ousted blood.
Nung young girl, I never Naki-join the "Visita Iglesias" ones, fairly strict because the parents do, chos! We started doing that maybe 3 years before going out of the country. From our parish (Immaculate Conception) to San Jose de Trozo parish, just walk ever. 13 churches representing the 13 stations saladbar of the cross, I not sure if any of the revised edition.
I think that makes Have afford to dream like from QC to Baclaran? Moved towards Morayta Have dun 2 twin churches, everytime we yun station, I think if any be sure this scene,
The church pinakafavorite if your UST e go, how aircon Stick lulurking nagsasarapan quantity, as well as San Beda. Pinakawiz e Quiapo because maybe smelling sweat people.
When Good Friday, the social drama they join forces for the various district (in this Pampanga, Tondo version ITU), and hold them parade. They also have a companion meeting wound, Ginebra pinagbasagan saladbar un ung ung pinanghihiwa back then pouring water and Darna !!! They bloody.
The e bonggang saladbar nakaktuwa pretentious the production area we, the casts in papatalo the costume, the hudyos, WAGI also costume with broom reed helmet. Sometimes you performing JC, e wearing white and red but the most award-Nazarene e ung other clothing, feel that you feel.
This is the fun part after 3pm, "Caridad" or free snacks, there are calamay, porridge, spice and sago't gelatin. Like barrio fiesta, until they go ahead go ahead. Pinoy attitude and of course, as long as there's going just a snapshot taken kiber, dish until the next day.
But when I opened saladbar kabadingan world, alas! Super puerto-gaylera turned out to be every Lenten season because if there destruct at that time e PG for sure, because the entire population of perhaps vehykla nanduon.
But before that trends in, with also near Star City have now gone. I not sure if there makakagets but when I brought dun, super shock me in the drama because the people scattered saladbar on the lawn and so on and doing. Still dark turn that place so careful saladbar to walk the face of the people lest you walk through and shouted mooooo !!!!
I also trip inter-join the "salubong" and of course we have followed dun ke Mama Mary because more ostentatious his followers. I remember your litany of coordinator, all boys daw must comply saladbar with JC and all the girls and on-girl ki Mama Mary, e badets not all line up with Mary.
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