Saturday, July 26, 2014

Three months now that I

Three months now that I'm in Florida. Time passes, but far from depressing, I still like it here. Of course, my friend (s), my family, the French food (and food u__u my relatives ") I miss here, the French fashion, film too (I'm still not gone in an American movie ^ ^ ") and unexpectedly, winter also (a little when I think of the beautiful a la carte leicester French fashion winter or the atmosphere of Christmas approaching and we will not here). But aside from that, I know that I saw a year that I will not forget.
I am more comfortable speaking English, and I found a big difference between English that I had before coming here and since I'm here. My vocabulary is enriched, fluency in conversation also, but against, I always keep the French accent. There is mitigated when I speak slowly, because I pay more attention a la carte leicester to pronunciation, but when I talk fast (and I usually talk fast ^ ^ "), all sounds very" Frenchie. "But the French are lucky . the French language is considered one of the most beautiful languages in the world, and many people here have complimented me on this "terrible" French accent ;) So now I am no longer embarrassed as when I started to speak. I also finally understood how the American education system works much better and I managed my second series of tests the first .. What is encouraging ^ ^.
First, Homecoming Week in October, defined on Wikipedia a la carte leicester as "welcoming back of train residents and alumni, in a tradition Many universities, colleges and high schools in North America. a la carte leicester Usually It includes activities for students and alumni: such as sports and culture events and a parade through the streets of the city or town. " a la carte leicester During this week I had the chance to spend an evening in a traditional American dance similar to balls promotion we see in American movies ^ ^. Everyone a la carte leicester was well dressed, a la carte leicester very formal, the theme of the evening was "A Night in Paris" a la carte leicester (that is they have a very romantic a la carte leicester view of our capital Americans ^ ^), and we had the right to election of the King and Queen of the night ^ ^. There was a small buffet with a sort of punch (but not alcohol) and a band was playing at the beginning, then in the evening, the runway a la carte leicester was filled by anyone a la carte leicester who wanted to enjoy the music of Dj ^ ^. We also had the right to queue for an official photo of the Homecoming Ball, photo I made with friends in memory =). There has also been Homecoming Para, with a very nice parade a la carte leicester of more or less old classic cars and tanks with students throwing candies, chocolates and necklaces USF colors (green and gold). The atmosphere was great with music and everything a la carte leicester is done by a varied outdoor with local bands and free food ^ ^ concert. Finally, I attended the Homecoming Football Games, Usf Vs Syracuse to end this week full of emotions, and to finish well, we won ;).
I also had the opportunity to go to an American nightclub in Ybor City (Tampa lively, especially at night, it gets crazy there ^ ^). To be honest, I'm not a fan of nightclubs U.S., how to say .. The Americans really nasty dance ^ ^. "In France, I like to go clubbing occasionally with potesses, but here I 'was blocked, I experienced a la carte leicester a little culture a la carte leicester shock =). Anyway, it was interesting to do at least once. I also had the opportunity to go to Adventure Island, a waterpark in Tampa with several slides, several pools and an artificial beach, and I spent over there a very good day with friends. I also saw Hair played by theater students of Usf, and I was blown away by the level, in the USA, it is really competitive if you want to play in a theater. And with friends, I also had the chance to see the musical The Phantom of the Opera in the USA Tour in Tampa, in the beautiful a la carte leicester Tampa Bay Act Performance Center. I was delighted to finally see an American musical in real life, and I really liked music, although I prefer the more modern musicals.
In two months, there were also three anniversaries with international friends, most of mine =). What I love here is that, as an international student, we made friends with the world, we often frequent the Americans here, because we see them again in the evenings. a la carte leicester I loved attending the birthday of a Korean friend, friend and especially Taiwan, anniversary surprise organized for a Taiwanese friend by her boyfriend .. He rented a limousine for the first time in my life, I have entered a limousine: D. It was really a la carte leicester fatal, although in 14

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