Friday, July 25, 2014

no worries, I also liked miami beach, but it

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February 21, 2010 at 17:49 in Accommodations and hotels Florida hello! I prepared a short stay in Florida and looking for a hotel on miami beach to key west and good value for money I'd like to have recent evidence if you were happy with your stay, but I am grateful to my attention places to avoid! thank you in advance roomansalaatti
hotel friendly, family atmosphere, small but adequate and especially well placed to key west is the "el patio motel" to book by email and phone. to avoid large plants such days inn ... really far from the center! key west remains a small island, but difficult to park to street duval and quite common parking fines! Miami for I know not the johson howard is not bad but far, I'm like you I am testing roomansalaatti a new this year! good trip, enjoy your trip
a miami I strongly advice you strated the aqua hotel well in every respect (bathroom blah strated right but anyway). if key west to be honest roomansalaatti with you I was not strated pack, beaches are zero compared to miami so if you share for sunbathing you can forget the keys, but if you love diving then you keys will be ignored.
Posted by vincecarter
jaw, we do not see the same things. give me a good place not too expensive hotel and give me the address or geographical dens need to see. I restarts in Florida next winter and go see the place you conseilleras me. I am always open to discussion, and if I perceive that I was wrong I admit volontié. I furrowed island scooter for two days and it semblai me that I made the turn and I did not strated was packed after it may be a matter of taste, you can be that you don ' Disliked roomansalaatti miami beach while I have adorré. anyways there's no worries the main thing is that you spend a good holiday and I had keys to miami.
no worries, I also liked miami beach, but it's magic keys, nothing but the road to it is great, I'm about to go back there and I will stay on miami beach, the keys are apart, have dollhouses ... finally have found there as well ..... everywhere in florida everglades also super good trip ..
so those are two different places!! whoever wants the beach miami without hesitation. But he who seeks an ambiance, decor and loves nightlife, duval street in key west is exceptional (terraced eateries, pubs and shops open very late) and single! beaches are correct, the colonial architecture more than buildings, and especially the people are friendly, relaxed and happy to be là.Coté rates, it remains affordable small hotels, but of course not like miami (although ... if you want to be on any decor is not cheap either) and happily! Key west is not "yet" with hotels so great to miami. Brief family better roomansalaatti miami, but between friends or couples direction US1 south and when it stops we arrived! (Nb mallory roomansalaatti square, sunset, excursion to tortuga, sport fishing, diving on the reef, the hemingway house with cats that have an inch bicycle taxis, and small islands roomansalaatti before key west it's still top and nowhere else). it would be like comparing marseille cassis .... not comparable, both are nice but do not play in the same court. Miami will tjrs Miami, Key West, no. I go there regularly since 1995 and we must enjoy it before it became too well known and tat! The changes are already noticeable .....
thank you for your answers!
good journey to you nenette myself fever begins to rise! still five weeks and shoo! it seems that the year is "cool", but I am hopeful that the temperatures rise and the decline dollard yet!
Hello everyone I am also looking for a hotel in miami beach for we p

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