Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Visit Bolsa city reminds me happy memories of childhood, when I was a Vietnam nationals. This happy

Rice family Bolsa street tasty and cheap. Rice family includes a soup, a savory dish and a vegetable stir-fry or salad, very attractive. The restaurant also add hot tea or iced tea, and tea for dessert anymore.
Read all about the family rice on the Internet, I do not see what all the definitions of family hit hit hit rice, or describe the details of the food called rice family. On the Internet I found a hotly debated topic around Vietnam where the food delicious and cheap, Little Saigon city of Cali (Little Saigon) City or Saigon today.
According to my opinion, the two sides in this debate are somewhat reasonable. The food in Saigon questions or customize your turn away countless restaurants. Rice or rice ordinary families are turning, if you eat in the restaurant popular, but very expensive if you eat at the trendy restaurant in Saigon.
At the homeland, I used to eat a meal a few dollars and had also eaten a meal almost a hundred dollars. Both sides of the debate are somewhat reasonable. And according to my own experience, visit the city of Little Saigon fun, but also homeland hobby. Of course, questions or customize your turn.
For those who live in New York City more than Tau Vietnam as my wife and I, when visiting the city of Little Saigon Bolsa of Cali, I feel happy. There are many people who love Vietnam. Vietnam food spoiled food here, something also, the price is very affordable. The food is delicious hit hit hit and much cheaper than in New York.
Visit Bolsa city reminds me happy memories of childhood, when I was a Vietnam nationals. This happy memories in my heart as I want to return to his homeland to visit later this year. For me, what I liked Vietnam, Saigon Small oil is in town or somewhere else.
In the hotel where I live, there is a list of good restaurants here. Want to eat fast and delicious family, her clerk at my hotel for me the address of a restaurant in the city of Bolsa, No. 10451 Bolsa. A couple eating dinner, including salad, hit hit hit shredded chicken fade, fish with pepper and sour soup, plus tea and tea ice dessert, a hearty meal so only cost $ 20 dollars only. Too cheap and tasty than the New York restaurant. (I'll send them later).
"Pho Bolsa (Little Saigon) Orange County, California USA was named the capital of Vietnamese refugees. Even though you may want to think about Bolsa city; but we, in general, can not deny this is a cultural center, hit hit hit economic and political importance of freedom of Vietnamese living outside Vietnam. There have been many writers Bolsa city, the Bolsa, communities and associations at Bolsa Vietnamese people ... but apparently no one (?) Wrote about the problem of "real reason" cafeteria (Eating Where? Who sells what? Having cheap like? How receptions and sanitation how?) to remote clients to visit (and even Bolsa people like this article!) to enjoy the labor agreement, said place with delicious food restaurants hit hit hit hobby, budget price with individuals and their families ...
"Life is too short (You can not live dragon enough) to make all mistakes yourself ... (Of course you might but ... if you want to add all experience, that's beyond the scope of this article) ... Learn the mistakes of others ... " hit hit hit
To the post "gleaned" will inevitable judgments are subjective and lacking (one-sided), as is the case with so many restaurants have "celebrated quietly opened and closed a long time ago not Who can? "or restaurants are also just opened no one has had the opportunity to visit a tasting or have any comments near and far. But in the spirit "that stars spend so;" hit hit hit or that "there is something rather than nothing," I would excuse recorded some restaurants hit hit hit with detailed, up to this point, there may also be temporary spending. Details largely copied from the article, the response of the sporadic connoisseur on the website, rum town, plus a few comments from people who write to you to know the past; also to succeed in helping hit hit hit you help take running hit hit hit around looking for every time gas prices skyrocketing; and especially not to the wrong place, to eat food that I thought was ... Oh amniotic giời !!!
Inside the Phuoc Loc Tho Shopping Center has a wealth of restaurants, bars to drink ... but the majority are only restaurant ("fast hit hit hit food") is very noisy, anti-fur furniture; is appropriate where "hub" of the elders too "Huon," have a lot of time not knowing what to do, and the president / vice president of the Congress delegation (also very "Huon" because Congress had only membership count less than ten fingers) ... to talk about, "Kiu country." and "predict" the "global democracy movement," and the program of the government subsidies. The shops in the mall is the place to stop for food only through the belly hunger, for this is the time to go "economic hit hit hit justice" around which still must keep the parking die off. Said that any language a bit too, but there are also small shops .... the dishes are very "special" help you "little bird" 1-2 hours "shopping" as "snail fried coconut leng," beef beer, spring rolls, soup heart, liver fire papaya salad, spicy bread, water a full range of vitamins, boba ... Many snacks ("

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