Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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The difficulty of the Vietnamese overseas this Thread express my personal views and fully open threads doctors express thoughts on this issue (note not to mention political issues offline) My work I am so lucky to get to go to many countries and many Americans. American beauty on the table every day not only would say the difficulty of settling ng Vietnam when I saw outside one part successful in the United States in the areas of economic science ... even doctors do the FBI or Nasa But besides that one large department Vietnamese people redhot world buffet living below average and temporary. On first arriving in the United States for several times until now, it is heard most often this is Vietnam, Vietnam that. Vietnam hungry, dirty Vietnam, Vietnam currency, what is generally the worst, worst, Vietnam. In the Bolsa or too little stretching across other cities in Orange redhot world buffet County. They say that do not understand what to say, because there are people who have never set foot on VN they screamed preconception according to the majority of political and intellectual class Vietnamese people and understand things, they live in one other area and socialize with restrictions their own communities. Because according to their view, it is important to their lives in America, not Vietnam bad or ugly. But if they are interested in Vietnam qualified to verify the information channel right or wrong. Even many people moved to the area would not have ... Vietnamese people living in the US have lost three policies to support food stamps, medicare, unemployment benefits or Food stamp called redhot world buffet food stamps is a key policy of the government US to support the Permanent residents, US citizens with low incomes. Accordingly, they will be provided with milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits and money to make life less difficult. So how are low income (low income)? Low income is to receive food stamp income family, spouse and children under 18 with a monthly redhot world buffet income of less than 2000 USD. With Vietnam, the food stamp so important that many families just to one person at work, at home and take the first person redhot world buffet to income under 2000 USD. And when someone ran cross ngoé new Lexus edges but still irritated Food stamp issued as simple as they "prove" their income. Story low- to eat lobster, crayfish, crab is normal because it's the law. Who is entitled to be awarded, one spleen, the spleen is. At this point many people will question the government put it stupid to let the people of Vietnam through the back side? I think, if it is not stupid powers. He received food stamp means he must be obliged to report monthly on his income, income redhot world buffet arising out of income must also declare, tenants must also declare, declare any disability. If your income up to the $ 2,001, no matter how, you will receive a letter redhot world buffet will cut you are getting food stamps, cut the amount of current to cut the whole. redhot world buffet So many Vietnam as to keep the food stamp that make every effort to low- or simply hitched life from poor to take food stamps. With the support of this, the good side of it is evident, but in other respects it makes the Vietnam coward away, and cunning go wrong impression with the American people just because they want to keep the three policies. But the most frightening thing is to make people frail, rested and withdrawn. Do not dare to mount, for fear of losing out food stamps, Medicare and unemployment. Therefore there is one question from one bitter old friend said this: In the US, the rich really rich, the poor, the poor must, therefore will eventually run into a crazy run. It was from one such parts constitute the Vietnam aversion to indigenous, native cha ng honestly liked a bunch of different races immigration, just think how this unit has the money and absolutely no one in charge the duty of citizens to the country they live ... Most people think their children to the US for better redhot world buffet learning conditions, but not sure then, with a low level, redhot world buffet the vernacular (the US) are not fluent parents only capable of unskilled workers such as factories, low incomes - live in complex areas, slums (supplements) are not sure you are in good schools. at that school with the only black or Hispanic and American culture ... and not interfere in children as in VN, if you are lucky you have to learn it is good, otherwise ... 1 feet away, joined the gang soon The Vietnamese are studying full steady job there is not time to play, wants to VN to arrange a time, plan several years to go one time, while the xoanh xoach on or about, or in VN

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