Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pumadan addition to the work of less than a new building, located next to Pumadan As Oy burner Aho

Greetings from the site! At the moment, the pace of work has accelerated even further, as Pumadassa had to take a new target under renovation. Structures was used Toja disc, which contains organic material and now all Toja discs has been decided to make sure to remove. The work is not going to be great for the delay, but the house should be ready in September 2014.
The apartments come with appliances and kitchen furniture has now been ordered from Siemens. Were selected in the kitchen A la Carte - keittiöit. Good news has come from other sources: car shelter construction has been given an oral supporting statement, which makes the Pumadassa have started in the canopy of a more detailed design.
We are especially proud of the apartment, especially one brick space work, whose future resident wanted the task. In addition, we hope to keep the residents of housing five and six brick wall of the walls, which we spent a lot of time.
Pumadan addition to the work of less than a new building, located next to Pumadan As Oy burner Aho Creme. Creme's history includes, inter alia, the voluntary sector vädret danmark and the Hämeenlinna theater acting as a reservoir. Pumadasta Unlike Creme has a wooden frame, which is not without disadvantage. The surface shows the time due to wear, but inside the hulls are still in good condition.
The house has been able, over time, accumulate plenty of movable property. Before the walls will inspect and demolition work started, held in the auction! Auction schedule and the products sold will be at a later stage, further information vädret danmark on the blog. Happy and hopefully warming summer!
As Oy Hämeenlinna burner Aho Pumada is in Hämeenlinna vädret danmark burner Aho located in the redevelopment. The former soldier home from the bakery association now renovated modern on the outside but the old breaths in a limited liability company, which will be completed in spacious loft-style apartments and two-room apartments of different sizes.
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