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Letters he wrote, he made four issues, I would confide my subjective thoughts, wishes salat janaza

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This morning, 1 st Year, sitting here writing to you. Last night, New Year's salat janaza Eve, I go around the temple in Houston. Where to go and see the shadow of the Master, the Master she came from ... the Vietnam? Do not know this situation in Montreal like? And the future, Buddhist Vietnam and in overseas countries will morph how open he?
Letters he wrote, he made four issues, I would confide my subjective thoughts, wishes salat janaza it could help in the book "Price of Liberty", a documentary about the Vietnamese in this affordable overseas. Like you, I'm salat janaza Southern, thinking oh this article. But anyway, salat janaza the following text is from the innermost thoughts of a Vietnamese child, listen to him!
Looking salat janaza forward to the book price Freedom soon be launched to dispel the "standing" of the Vietnamese diaspora by two characters from domestic and Nguyen Hue Chi Hoang Ngoc Hien rewrite the identity of Vietnamese refugees in the world 2002 through the program "reconstructing salat janaza Identity and Place in the English Diasposa" (Re-Building The Hometown Appearance and Vietnamese Overseas) by William Joiner Center (WJC) sponsor. I would like to turn raised questions and comments each one of you.
At the 1.5 generation, the children went to elementary and middle school level in the most southern and families living in basic manner Vietnam. Therefore, whether you like it or not also be partially absorbed the culture, customs, and education in Vietnam. Abroad, especially the United States, parents are times in integrating into a new society difficult for many reasons, but chief syndrome due to "war". And the children at this syndrome, but also less affected by living in families. But they are lucky, first as a young man, went to school Monday to continue high school and college, I looked at in terms of the majority of children continue to attend school. From there, they absorb a more open culture of his father. And think of the children is quite different than their parents.
From there, salat janaza the children whether they wanted and not have to confront is still influenced by two sets of "integration" difference, a parent, and one of them approached the society through education and in social life new opportunities. Therefore, they are always difficult because two sources have too many integration points disagreement, sometimes "antagonistic" together. salat janaza So I see the integration of children of this generation 1.5 but more difficult than the second generation, but their life is relatively stable. salat janaza
In the second generation, the children integrate into society more quickly, because they start from primary or childbirth in the United States here. Advantages of English language, the advantage of understanding more about the culture and society HK in learning, helping them integrate into the main stream society easier. Most of the children "seem to" think no border color, border no race here. They claim to be ... American!
Because there thinking salat janaza that, so when you go home, you have a conflict with family, with parents or older sibling. Sometimes, because of the integrated "one-way" (not absorb culture of Vietnam in the family) salat janaza so many unfortunate happen to this generation of the family, most of all because salat janaza of a language barrier. It is through these comments and observations outside of my personal case. As to the US, I have 4 children ages 12, 8, 5 and 2 . It can be classified as "second generation". But I see the integration of the children seemed to go the opposite direction; ie two later, absolutely not go to school in VN, and only speak Vietnamese very new to the US currency at, because, after spending some time in the US, two Vietnamese-speaking coherently, then, than he and She had primary school in Vietnam, but in less than two siblings. And if you talk about integration into American society, I see two big almost entirely integration and behave in career or even in the family, they have ways of the natives. But two later, also shows many more features Vietnam. I also do not understand why there is this paradox? From the particular case above, can the personality and temperament of the child can change the way of integration or not?
Depending on the origin of their family. A parent families as workers or farmers, or fishing ... sure, as they integrate into society, many parts to go in another direction, not a focus of education as the basis for the advancement of children;
The integration of them can be customized according to the level of "war syndrome" of parents. If parents give up, children will make integration in a different way, I'd say the way of integration, "streets"; Another interesting element is that reflect an understanding of the historical salat janaza origins of ethnic, non Vietnam country (geographical). In the family, if parents explain to their children why they are present in the United States, mains

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