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This magnificent restaurant is located on a rock off the coast of Tanzania, southeast Africa with f

Enjoy seafood not just mean food, but really bring the thrill, as is participation adventures. Do not miss the opportunity to experience that feeling by visiting the unique seafood restaurant in the world below!
Services Dinner in the sky began to appear in 2007, was initiated by two Belgian entrepreneurs. So far, Dinner in the Sky grown into a global catering utrecht brand with the franchise establishments catering utrecht located in many countries around catering utrecht the world such as Japan, the UK, Brazil, Colombia, India. Organizing a dinner like this requires careful preparation of the safety conditions and installed cranes. The space underneath the dining table to ensure clear, that in case of dishes or anything catering utrecht that falls down.
This restaurant is part of the Conrad catering utrecht Hilton hotel, which serves seafood such as scallops, grilled fish, lobster lemon life ... This is the first underwater restaurant in the world, located at a depth of 15 feet submerged in the Indian Ocean, serving catering utrecht dinner with 270 degree views, bring a poetic catering utrecht landscape of diners meals. Ithaa means pearl, is the New York Daily News Magazine voted the best restaurant in the world.
Le Jules Verne restaurant is considered with the best views in the world, located on the Eiffel tower. The restaurant has a unique space, catering utrecht luxury chocolate tones combined with the amber of the large windows to prevent light reflection. Here, visitors can enjoy the famous seafood dishes made from sea bass, sea bass, lobster, sturgeon, oysters, shrimp and fish by Alain Ducasse John Dory - famous chefs in the world serving .
This is an outdoor restaurant, located on the top floor (61 floors) of Banyan Tree. The restaurant is designed with a 360 degree viewing angle, helping diners a panoramic observation Bangkok. Vertigo is ranked at No. 21 in the 100 world-class bar. The menu at Vertigo catering utrecht extremely rich with delicious seafood dishes and unique, made from scallops, oysters, tuna, lobster and fish.
This magnificent restaurant is located on a rock off the coast of Tanzania, southeast Africa with full menu of seafood only "homegrown", was caught in the waters around the island. The most famous dish with crab salad, catering utrecht raw fish marinated in lemon, octopus salad, shrimp spaghetti. The restaurant has a capacity for 12 table. This is also the ideal place for fishermen go fishing, visitors can walk to restaurants and the tide boat when high tides.
This restaurant also has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. You will be taken to a table, placed in a dark room as tofu button, the service catering utrecht is the blind will introduce a rich menu for customers to choose. The restaurant is famous for Atlantic salmon. Dinner is enjoyed completely in the dark, however, the guests catering utrecht said that this experience helped catering utrecht them develop the mind and awaken the senses.
Solo Per Due restaurant located in the countryside Vacone, Italy, famous and most private small world, only serve two customers at a time. As to this, customers do not have to queue, no waiting, catering utrecht no rejection, but the book is a great challenge. catering utrecht So far, only about 1,500 people have the opportunity to enjoy and to visit this unique restaurant with a price of 250 euros / person. The restaurant serves seafood dishes all at the request of customers.
Jade Mountain Club restaurant is located on a high hill of the Caribbean island, St.Lucia. Jade Mountain Club is located on the campus of Jade Mountain Resort, serving seafood catering utrecht caught by the islanders as raw fish marinated in lemon, water octopus salad, lobster ... Here, diners can enjoy fresh seafood delicious, panoramic catering utrecht view of the Caribbean catering utrecht sea and the volcano Piton - the symbol of St. Lucia.
Spitbank is a unique hotel built from an old 135 years old fortress catering utrecht between Portsmouth coast of England. Spitbank 9 luxurious rooms, 3 bars, 3 restaurants, 1 bar on the roof of the cellar with a library, a heated swimming pool on the terrace, sauna and sun loungers. Many details of the original fort remains catering utrecht far back as brick walls, windows and a few cannons cu.Spitbank catering utrecht serve seafood dishes such as natural sea bass, mackerel fillet, crab.
This restaurant is located Soneva Kiri hotel, catering utrecht located off the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of Bangkok. Here, customers are enjoying food style Thai and Mediterranean seas on the special dining table, set in a woven bamboo cage, hanging on the trees of tropical forests Koh Kood, a 5 m ground. The restaurant is famous for its smoked salmon, served by waiters capable of acrobatic virtuosity with ropes like the athletes of the game zipline - swing adventure game in the world.
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