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On the site of pho, Pho 14 people selected Pho Huong River and is located on Choisy (Paris), easyfa

Pho has appeared more and more around easyfairs 2013 the world. From Europe, including France, Britain, Germany to America as the United States, Canada, where to go and see the Vietnamese noodle shop. In the US alone there are over 600 stores Pho Vietnam, not to mention the pho 'hybrid' of the Chinese, Korean ...
Along with the development of the Vietnamese residing overseas, easyfairs 2013 Americans pho Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup called conquered the world with the name written from the original Pho (with the letter 'O' together with a question mark) or only Pho is simply not sign. English vocabulary was enriched with new words as Phonatic (who likes to eat noodles), 'believers' of pho is Phofan and noun Satis-pho-ction easyfairs 2013 satisfaction (satisfaction) while enjoying a bowls.
Journalist easyfairs 2013 Chuck Mindenhall, easyfairs 2013 the Los Angeles Weekly, even invented the English word phoundation and 2 phoster based foundation and foster. He explained that the foundation phoundation pho, and phoster culture, meeting places and cultural tolerance easyfairs 2013 pho! Go to Google easyfairs 2013 or Yahoo, type or Pho Noodle Soup, tens of thousands of websites, even with the website called Phofever, fever craving for pho.
On the site of pho, Pho 14 people selected Pho Huong River and is located on Choisy (Paris), easyfairs 2013 is the leading easyfairs 2013 noodle shop in France. In Melbourne (Australia) with the noodle shop Pho Hien Vuong famous Pho Hung Vuong Street, Tan Dinh and Noodle Noodle cardholder at Footscray market of the Vietnamese community. Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto also has a series easyfairs 2013 of Vietnamese easyfairs 2013 noodle shop business and Chinese traditional pho in Canada.
Besides, easyfairs 2013 in the Eastern European countries such as Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the noodle shop also appeared as competing with the fellow Vietnamese people living in Western countries. Slowly pho present in many parts of the world: Pho Cyclo the UK, Pho Sapa market in the Czech Republic ...
According easyfairs 2013 to unofficial statistics in the United States, out of more than 600 stores with annual sales noodle up to $ 500 million, nearly half of California's War, followed by Texas with over 100 stores and also near Washington approximately 100 stores pho. In states with fewer overseas Vietnamese pho, but are still experiencing: Nebraska has one shop, cold Alaska also has 2, Maine (3), Wisconsin (4) and South Carolina (5).
Only California, San Jose has 23 noodle shop, Los Angeles easyfairs 2013 21 shops, 19, San Diego, San Francisco and Oakland 18 12 ... These figures are always changing over time but also shows the popularity of pho on US soil.
Noodle shop can also use these numbers as brands: Pho 54 Pho Bac has implications type introduced in 1954, Pho 14 originating from address 1436 Park Road NW in Washington DC like Pho 79 is asymptotically Pho 79 days old at Vo Nature (now Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, Saigon). easyfairs 2013
The heart of New York is so expensive that Noodle 89 (of 89 East Broadway) gives quite soft price, easyfairs 2013 only $ 5 a bowl "train". Especially here there prawn noodle soup, pho "seafood" (sea food) and the vegetarian pho.
In Oklahoma City, where living is quite crowded Vietnamese restaurant Pho rife in Asian counties easyfairs 2013 near Classen Boulevard: Pho Hoa, Binh Pho, Pho Thai (or Thai Nguyen perchance). Even the name is Japanese restaurant is also Mirama pizza.
Americans love pho, which is to be confirmed. Noodle 2000 on Le Lai, Ben Thanh market side, has welcomed President Bill Clinton family to enjoy a visit to Vietnam in 2000. From then on, the employer's network Pho 2000, overseas Vietnamese Trung Huynh Tan, has more advertising logo "Pho for the President"!
Noodle shop in the United States should also named America. Such as Pho USA in San Jose, only its headquarters Sun Microsystems Computer few feet. This looks like noodle shop opened in 2001 and was also the press wrote quite crowded.
I do not have time to delve into why shop named Pho Shizzle. Looks like the shopkeeper wants pun style "Fo 'Shizzle My Nizzle", a way of saying implies "Fo' sure, my nigga" like ... sure as nails one column of Vietnam (?).
In the US there are noodle shop named ... not like anyone. In Bellevue, Washington, easyfairs 2013 with noodle shop called What the Pho while in Chicago with Tank Noodle (Pho Xe Tang). Make shopkeeper Pho Xe Tang Noodle remember to mark Train, Pho Tau Bay once in Saigon Pho Xe Tang choose names for ... enough of?
But perhaps the name ... not to mention challenging Pho Challenge in San Francisco. Shopkeeper challenge if eaten guests 'brass' pho within 1 hour will be free. Originally advertisement: Free if you can finish it in one hour. Price a 'brass' pho here up to 22 dollars but thanks to advertising 'spastic' should also have many customers curious to find. Most guests after trial had 'surrendered' and happily pay ... To Wisdom

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