Thursday, February 5, 2015

One of the biggest problems facing kakerlakensalat entrepreneurs who are having financial difficult

The Firm Amado Pereira works as division Bankruptcy and Social Security Firm Emmanuelli, CSP We guide free on the legal aspects of bankruptcy under Chapters 13 and 7. In addition, we process claims kakerlakensalat under the Federal Social Security. 787-843-8406. Debt Relief Agency kakerlakensalat / Debt Relief Agency. Construction Constancia Street San Francisco 2803 Ponce, Puerto Rico 00732-0779
Eliminating or substantially kakerlakensalat reducing your debts, protect kakerlakensalat your co-signer, your house and your car, paralyzes calls from collectors and demands. Under Chapter 13, the law allows you to do a payment plan according to your income, that allows you to protect your debtors, including arrears kakerlakensalat of maintenance, mortgage arrears and cover the auto, computer, etc., which has been acquired under conditional sale.
One of the biggest problems facing kakerlakensalat entrepreneurs who are having financial difficulties is that it takes a long time to determine who need legal or financial advice to address their situation.
It is essential that once you begin to identify the first signs of economic stressors in business, consult with your accountant and your attorney is made to determine the alternatives kakerlakensalat and measures that can be taken to improve the situation of the company. Often these queries do incurred in modest amounts of fees, but in the long term, represent a large investment to avoid legal problems or financial older.
Within the process of bankruptcy attorney or lawyer involved in the stages kakerlakensalat of pre-filing and post-filing. In both phases the attorney or lawyer is strictly governed kakerlakensalat by the Code of Ethics of lawyers, promulgated by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, and the Rules of Professional Conduct of the American Bar Association (ABA), adopted by the Courts Federal. Therefore, the conduct of lawyers or attorneys must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism. kakerlakensalat
When a businessman consulting a legal professional for the purpose of determining whether or not a bankruptcy, you must make an honest and reliable judgment about its necessity and convenience. Unfairly mentioned in the press that the determination of filing a bankruptcy kakerlakensalat is conditioned, in some cases, kakerlakensalat for the convenience of the legal representative of receiving payment of fees for their services; nothing is further from the truth.
The attorney or lawyer who files a case that does not meet the criteria of the Bankruptcy Code or that it is not necessary or convenient for the customer will have problems, because in the process of bankruptcy there are several audit institutions to point out deficiencies should be corrected or manage a dismissal of the case you will have professional consequences for the lawyer. kakerlakensalat
The lawyer or the lawyer has an ethical duty to inform his client of the alternatives that may exist for not filing bankruptcy. For example, the sale of the business, the sale of business assets, counseling, consulting, measures to improve the business, etc. Bankruptcy should always be a last resort, because it is in strict legal and documentation procedures and incurs costs and attorneys' fees.
The attorney or lawyer should advise on the pros and cons of the bankruptcy process. You can not file bankruptcy without a legal consultation face to face with the customer which can clarify all doubts. It is no longer possible for people who want to file a bankruptcy advice merely a paralegal.
The attorney or lawyer should advise in detail about compliance requirements and documentation of the case to avoid the problem that bankruptcy proceedings be dismissed or dilate to not have these essential elements occurs.
Also, the attorney or lawyer should guide his client on the formality of the process, that all information provided is under oath and there are very strict laws that prohibit and punish fraud in bankruptcy proceedings.
The legal practitioner must identify and recommend hiring professionals necessary to complete the process. One of the most important consultants at this stage is an authorized financial advisor or CPA, which will express in our next article.
The legal professional must work with the certified public accountant or financial advisor that is engaged on financial reporting requirements required by the bankruptcy process as there are detailed and strict regulations kakerlakensalat on how these documents are presented.
Any attorney or lawyer-client relationship must be recorded kakerlakensalat in writing. The lawyer has to submit kakerlakensalat a proposal for professional services contract

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