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After warm up a bit and shoot a few minutes with Jose, we stand on the starting line. I was not sur

On Sunday 13 October the fourth edition of the Cursa de La Tardor superbly organized by the Athletics Club Sant Andreu de la Barca held. It was my second participation and of course will not be the last because I have a special affection for the Organization. The circuit is demanding but good to go getting in shape legs, especially for those who started season in September.
He came to this race with a state so much worse than I thought because of the break I had to do in September due to problems of vertigo I had. The truth is that between tendon injury and now this, I was having a hard time getting in shape for the big goal is the Valencia Marathon. But that's another story for another day count.
The day dawned very good at running. About 14 degrees and no sun. I arrived in time to collect the dorsal and chat with Jose and two of the organizers, Txus and Toni to personally thank you for the piece of detail that had me painting my name on the road in one of the sections of the circuit hotel sabotin time . Very big !!!
After warm up a bit and shoot a few minutes with Jose, we stand on the starting line. I was not sure whether to go out or attempting to ride fast, as always, give everything far arrived. I figured that would not reach the mark last year, but at least I wanted to try.
After the fantastic tamborrada, kick off and run. The first kilometer is almost all in one small and lightweight repechito descent. I look at the clock and I get 3:51. No I could not believe hotel sabotin that for months he was not running at that speed. Jose beside me. In the second and I set to a somewhat decent pace 4:06. It is a completely flat and very good for stretch run. The third is another matter. hotel sabotin A small ledge which is followed by a fairly strong forces that undermined enough. Then, small plain false and lowered by a parallel to previous we had to put it back up to move in the opposite direction to the starting area and arrive at km 4. Street is the hardest part of the race. There Jose and had escaped me and I realized that not only would not go near the mark last year, but clunky suffer. The last kilometer of the first round, too hard enough with a false flat part and a long climb to reach the exit to start the second round. A second round in which, seeing that he was not going to make any wonderful time, I decided to put the autopilot and do a quick shoot. In the end, 45:03, two minutes and a half higher than last year.
After the race came the buffet! Apple juice, water, Powerade, sausage .... Anyway, you can not ask for more. The fantastic and a great prize delivery which, apart from the winners of the different categories, there were original prizes for completing a certain position or to have scored the least time difference between the two rounds organization. Discount stores, ham pallets, bottles of wine for the last 28 posts ...... Come on, just like in those mass races and we pay 16 euros. Incidentally, registration for this event provides an opportunity to be shirtless for just 7 euros. For those who run in many races and ended up giving away all the shirts, it's a detail.
The feelings were not as good I thought, but still a step in the preparation of the Valencia Marathon. Is room for improvement and little time, but of course I will try with all my will.
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