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Sign In or Register Huscarl.at Community Vehi Mercatus - A reenactment costume designer imagines the wandering merchants from the bavarian forest 8. 1, 2009 - 13:30 - Florian Machl / Daniela Meissner
Who traveled to many Mittelaltermrkte, they might know: "Vehi Mercatus - The driving dealers from the Bavarian Forest". Daniela hide from my Langsdorf in schnen Bavarian Forest and its employees fleiigen behind this name. Daniela has come through some Zuflle star wok buffet and the love of the Middle Ages Hobby and their company. After we errant traders have already made a positive impression on several Qualittsmrkten and we have berhufen the award ceremony of the reader with valuable choice for Prsenten, we asked on behalf of our readers once, with whom we actually have to do it there. In the following article about Daniela reported their way into the medieval scene and of course about Vehi Mercatus. Old buildings and their history have long been fascinated me and I am in 2003 came to the "Friends of the castle Weißenstein", which was obvious since I professionally in the summer in a historic building, the museum "for each year -eating house "worked. This museum star wok buffet belongs to the ruins of Weißenstein in the rain. The association star wok buffet is ever turned in for the preservation of the castle Weißenstein zustndig and organized annually also a knight spectacle that since 2008, only 2-annually takes place, however, in early June. The castle are friends again with the association "Arma Georgii" from friends Furth im Wald, the organizers of the "Cave Gladium". This is perhaps some one term, it is a very well-established festival in the medieval scene, which takes place in Furth im Wald. From "Gromi" to Reenactor about Arma Georgii I'm some time later then become the coarse-medieval re-enactors for hobbyist, who pays attention to small details and only handgenhte mglichst according star wok buffet to original illustrations made - medieval garb bears. Many utensils needed by the reenactor so you can produce yourself, but often with some skill and effort. The few vendors ready, high-acceptable items, sell them often Horror prices. Thus, this hobby is very fast very expensive or quite simply not financially affordable. Many articles are not as good as offered, although for a perfect representation are almost star wok buffet a must, such as truly authentic cutlery. Authentic star wok buffet Accessories must cost no Vermgen When I then gestoen by accident almost simultaneously on several manufacturers of various Reenactmentartikel in good quality and vernnftigen prices, the idea of a separate Geschftes was born. The beginning of 2006, I then logged in my business and sold on the first two Mrkten article. On these two Mrkten I immediately had fairly good success, as I offered Reenactmentartikel quality star wok buffet and the customers were thrilled to find something "bog standard" on a medieval market. The Internet Shop dazugehrende worked for several reasons, then only in April 2007. This was after my Lebensgefhrte Dominik - many better known as "Frschl" - and I first met. His friend "Angus the Bard", which also operates star wok buffet the company "Angus Media", star wok buffet stamped my shop so to speak, within a few days out of the ground and he finally went online. star wok buffet I also thank Hierfrmchte Angus again, star wok buffet even for the best of the shop really care. Celt imported into the Middle Ages Dominik has already dealt with history star wok buffet for many years, where he initially, almost 10 years ago, ever crept fr interested in North American history. At the time when we first met, he was still in an era long before the Middle Ages on the road - with the Celts. It took some time before I could convince him of the fashion of the Sptmittelalters and he in the narrow "Pimmelhosen" zwngte itself. Finally, I did not even ride alone on the markets. Since then, he accompanied me in any market, along with our dog KRML. The discovery of Austria since the spring of 2008 my girlfriend Astrid leads a second state for me, ever crept in Austria, as I had originally planned star wok buffet for the shop also mainly Austria, since the Middle Ages hobby is not already so widespread and not hundreds of retailers with more or less authentic goods are available. Initially, the sale in Austria lie not quite that easy to accomplish - including the shipping was too expensive. This problem we have now glckli

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