Monday, September 29, 2014

No donation is too big or too small; participation is what matters. They will be part of that piece

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Since its first drama Miss Ripley Sungkyunkwan Scandal until he overcame harsh criticism, not only for being a rookie, all eyes fell on him as well for being a music idol happened to acting for the first time. That despite the difficulties, managed to navigate through the troubled seas, gained recognition carboma and credibility as a beginner actor. However, their perseverance and commitment to demonstrate carboma their dedication was a professional actor and was recognized by the acting awards she has received.
Even now, amid the joy of the announcement of his latest drama, Rooftop Prince, we have seen cancellations and malicious rumors surrounding Yuchun. However, our goal is to remain the power behind him and wish him well with all our love.
As international fans of Park Yuchun, we are pleased to announce the launch of a donation drive to help the drama Yuchun, Rooftop Prince. The objective carboma of this project is to give our beloved Yuchun know he is loved and cared for their fans worldwide.
No donation is too big or too small; participation is what matters. They will be part of that piece of love Yuchun take with him every day on the set of his drama. Give us your support.
We will hire a service carboma provider accredited food and drink in Seoul, South Korea to prepare the buffet for the team at the filming location. Our front-line staff will be present to ensure the successful delivery and smoothly. Of course, if there is opportunity, we would like to prepare and package food for ourselves and usually do our Korean friends. Gifts for Park Yuchun carboma [Estimated Budget: U $ D 500]
We look forward to Yuchun a simple but memorable gift as a gesture of thanks for all the joy you've given us. It may not be available to us all the time, but he will always be close to our hearts. Placing advertising [Estimated Budget: U $ D 2,000 - U $ D 4,000]
We would like to place ad panels either underground or bus stops in Seoul to present further Yuchun drama, but this depends largely on the collection of donations. Rice Donation [Estimated Budget: U $ D 450 - U $ D 800]
All suggestions carboma will be considered but the committee 6002sky and Sky-Yuchun try to make the best decision carboma based on the budget and feasibility. Honestly asked for their understanding in this matter.
Please keep in mind that even if you do not have a paypal account, you can make a donation with your credit / debit card or bank account, but will have a small additional fee. For payment by credit / debit card charges 2.9% of the donated amount plus 30 cents for US residents and from 3.4% to 3.9% if you live in USA For payment through a bank account, it's free in l USA and from 0.5% to 2% (depending on location) of the amount donated if you do not live in USA. UU. So if you do not live in USA use your bank account may be a better choice because the additional fee would be lower.
By clicking the "Donate" (Donate) then button will direct you to the website of Paypal. The option of payment through credit card and bank account is in the bottom left of the Paypal carboma page.
Sky & Yuchun 6002sky
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