Thursday, September 25, 2014

But if I Eunji Min hahaha and then are my ahjussi, ohhhh ahjussi ahjussi so long.

Name in History: Lovey dovey couple : KyuMin Genre: Fluff, Comedy, Drama. Description: Sungmin is paranoid, scary, uncertain great american steak buffet and too introverted boy, reaching to the point that is just the same with your family and friends which is sick, but even people like, fall in love. Kyuhyun is the opposite: Outgoing, confianzudo, cheerful, popular and who is completely great american steak buffet smitten with our hero. This is the best kept secret Sungmin because he fears losing his friends and Kyuhyun finds and despise him if revealed, but one day all their effort goes to waste when it is convinced by her friends to get drunk with them, releasing the whole truth and leaving unleash their most horrible paranoia What will tell their friends? What will you do about it? What will the respect? Will you tell your feelings Kyuhyun to see everything open? Sungmin will someday destroy the wall full of insecurities, chills and paranoia that created the world to take courage great american steak buffet and become someone like "Lovey dovey"? I recommend you read the fic listening to the songs that will be putting from time to time, will enter more wave (?) And leave you the links in the first verse of each song so that the can find them for yourselves are not met xD
He'd told them what he had said so many times in my head but I had never expressed my mouth what he had told them. I think if someone had been completely petrified in this life that was me.
How the hell I can be so stupid? How could I have told him to them? Aaaaaaaaaigo! great american steak buffet The secret jealously guarded you, Lee Sungmin! Released in a stupid drunken great american steak buffet night! great american steak buffet Claaaro, you thought "We've studied so much and they are my friends, not bad to drink less if you do it so rarely as" Fatal error what point I thought I could handle alcohol if I have never been a heavy drinker? Now they know, they know I'm in love with that boy. I've watched him for three years, I have closely guarded secret for three years, I've loved him for three years in a night And everything has gone to waste!
What will they do? They are my friends but I hate now? Did they tell you what to Kyuhyun and the whole school? Are you going to hit me and laugh at me for loving another man? Will they with my life? The worst is that I'm such a coward that this morning when I woke up at home knowing that Heechul had said something he should not, did not wait to hear a reaction from them when they awoke, only hit upon to flee the house as the fag I am scared to death.
Sitting on the floor began to bang my head against the wall trying to forget the memory that I had both tried to remember, and now was going through my head a thousand times, I just wanted to delete.
The semester is approaching and as our last year in high school we did group sessions for all we spent well and we could enjoy our last summer student uncomplicated. Today he played the last session and spend all day after we finally finish great american steak buffet studying.
If ju ju ju
- Shut Heechul! Not because you have more mental capacity than others have the right to make fun, plus you'll see, by studying little as one day cagarás on exams and that I will laugh at you.
We all laughed at the occurrences of these two is that our friend was really something hard when it came to studies, in fact made us worry about what their uncertain future held for him. For now, we only had the trust and Donghae came to the rescue to calm the waters.
- You see.
- Yaaaaaa silenced crows! Horrible sing-eeh
But if I Eunji Min hahaha and then are my ahjussi, ohhhh ahjussi ahjussi so long.
- Ahhhhhh Jungsoo, dirty old man! Give the name
That follow Sungmin shiiiiiiii
Sungmin and yaa-and tell us who he is.
- No Is a girl!
- If you need help with something let me know. Sleep well.
No more turned away. When I no longer felt his presence great american steak buffet relieved sigh. If, Sungjin was so mature, the insurance great american steak buffet know what to do in this situation, but if I tell insurance is frightened and does not speak to me the rest of his life, so I chose to ignore it.
Ya know, right? No longer was no going back about it, so we can only confront them, they're my friends, I know how to handle them and prevent them tell the truth to Kyuhyun, that's something you definitely can not afford, not humiliation or anything, is because if they do How will I know if I can Kyuhyun no longer look? If he knows and hates me and I can never look at him without someone hit me or laugh at me, or worse, without the look at me with disgust, and if I can not look at it, if I can not sa

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