Sunday, September 28, 2014

Damn, assistant librarian Berlin (also

Breakfast in dirty -Apuntes
I have traveled a bit and afternoon despite having left Spain with a few years, at the baptism of blood that the Galicians grandmothers give us children when they go to buy towels Portugal. This my unfamiliarity with the environment certainly has resulted in unique situations.
"I was excited to go back to bed and breakfast, which should itself be the prologue of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" YES !!. And breakfast, go back to bed, take the novel turn and stay in the plan until the stomach returns to make currucucos is and rehostia. (I say with authority that gives me my long experience) "buried my head in the pillow, as so often had seen the ladies of the nineteenth century," How I love Jabois !, only by those phrases is worthwhile. (Boing, boing, boing) Written on 6.03.11 at 8:39
TEARS. > 'Already out of sight of everyone started running down the hall with his eyes full of tears ... / ...'. What usually those hot tears that brings out the humiliation and shame running down her cheeks toward oneself. I know them well. Written on 6.03.11 at 10:28
How often have I been reprimanded for this and previous blogs. Ladies Rottenmeyer in Figure lawyer, trolls, and other species tuercebotas without interest. I once said that I fell well and Cubans that Castro had not done everything wrong (impossible, by the way) and I dropped the octopus with someone before that was a friend. He left the puritanical streak, that flame that burns in the heart of the intellectual (sic) Spanish. Convicted, the death penalty or exclusion out of the vineyard. The atheist says is damning, moreover. Anyway, I like them Cubans, fine. I love while I worry that they will be required during the transition to capitalism. As I am aware that not passed the state economy to capitalism without the obligatory catering utrecht presence of crime, I am concerned the future of the people living catering utrecht on the island. Gorbachev could not be, would not let him, and the drunkard Yeltsin came to the crime. There were years in which the criminals took over the country. Now they have calmed catering utrecht down and are businessmen with large emporiums raised about blood.
It goes a bastard who enjoyed my friendship and hospitality for many years and messes with my family on a rotten day, with X and shit. Start a campaign against him doing all I can do is answer in a blog, humorously pointing out the bullshit that counts catering utrecht and I get twenty five paladin of the above arrearme trying to tow on all four sides. It even goes one and dedicated to hang badly supported by the network for flower ortho Shaved Head.
Apropos of nothing, making catering utrecht it look like I have entered my computer, where I have two recent photos she gets a bad bug ungrateful and ugly gets to call my wife, who is still beautiful to me at 60 ( "For catering utrecht me, your face is beautiful, etc ..."). I'm the aggressor, of course, and any Zertal gets kicking him in the shin and ends at cular bichejo censored.
I plead quiet Catholic, no extender message and get a mercutio anyone to see if I broke a leg. Fuck. The story continues but I am always the aggressor, saying those three or four cahoots.
I remind you that I am Catholic, they are liberal, politically correct, those who hold dogmas of modernity. That is, a fucking inquisitors. Gurbay. Written on 6.03.11 at 12:18
Damn, assistant librarian Berlin (also "black" in their literary, numerous free time) and inteleztual produztor summit in the paper caught smoking whenever CC opens his mouth to tell his adventures Less ladyfingers, pussy! Written on 6.03.11 at 12:51
For a long time I thought CC was a character created by a genius, such that purposely. Could not be certain such perfection, such an interesting life and a reflection s so deep. Still, CC, real or not, I thought the most interesting and noticeable nick in the blogosphere. catering utrecht But today I realized my mistake, I saw that CC is human and has weaknesses, a pissing and whining. This makes me want it even more, thanks CC. Written on 6.03.11 at 12:55
I agree with CC and against who was opposed or disagreed with CC, because in Cuba there is a lot of freedom, for example you can get into the wifi from one hotel to pry into the private mail of many. Written on 6.03.11 at 13:04
I am fortunate to have friends from cradle hugging the Torah and centuries, even some Argentines know me and know plenty of that humor, strange, yes.
One day, not long, departie

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